Texas border wall

The wall along the southern border is being built.

Not by the incompetent failed let’s go Brandon administration…but by the state of Texas.

“ Texas Gov. Greg Abbott visited Starr County on Saturday to inaugurate the first stretch of a border wall being built by the state, calling it an “unprecedented” investment in border security.

Construction crews on site said about 880 feet of barrier have been installed as of Saturday afternoon.

Abbott has made immigration enforcement one of his top agenda items as he seeks reelection next year. At a news conference in front of the new wall segment Saturday, Abbott condemned the federal government’s immigration policies — though some were extended from the Trump administration — and criticized President Joe Biden’s reversal of the efforts to build a barrier between the U.S. and Mexico.” Texas border wall: Gov. Greg Abbott debuts first stretch in Starr County | The Texas Tribune

There’s no greater example of what a complete fraud the Biden administration has been than our southern border. Records are being set not just for migrant encounters along the border, but for the amounts of drugs human trafficking.

Texas has a little over a billion dollars to spend…the wall design is the same as was being built by the Trump administration.

The border wall is also an example of how little Biden and company care about the taxpayers and our money. Texas is hiring the same contractors who were building the wall under Trump. And is buying materials on its own…while an estimated 100 million dollars in border wall material sit going to waste. From the New York Post…” More than a $100 million worth of taxpayer-paid border wall materials have been discarded and are going to waste in Texas after President Biden ended construction of the barrier when he entered the White House in January and canceled contracts for its construction, according to a report. …A Fox News drone captured footage of around 10,000 steel panels — enough to build 100 miles of wall — rusting in the sun in Pharr, Texas, since January.”

I have no idea how much wall Texas can build…the construction is on land owned by the state and fix reported yesterday on land donated by ranchers and landowners who are sick of the daily parade of illegals across their property.

I m on record as saying Biden’s failure to enforce our laws on the border is imho impeachable…what that man and his failed administration have done to our southern border is a disgusting embarrassment.

Good for Texas…someone has to stand for our nation and it’s laws and it damn sure won’t be the America Last president Joe Biden.


Border enforcement is supposed to be the federal government’s job…we be already paid for that wall folks. The materials are sitting there unused…the contractors were paid to not work over the last year.

Now Texas and Texans are doing the job the feds have failed to do. “On Friday, Fox News reporter Bill Melugin tweeted that the first wall panels have gone up in Starr County, Texas, in the Rio Grande Valley. Melugin said the wall is the result of “state land, state money.” Abbott quote-tweeted Melugin, saying, “Texas has officially started building its own border wall.” The governor went on to say that President Joe Biden “allows open border policies and refuses to enforce laws passed by Congress to secure the border and enforce immigration laws” and “Texas is stepping up to do the federal government’s job.”

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Democrats are being such an ass that they won’t allow Texas to use wall parts that’s that’s already built…instead parts are just rusting laying on the ground.

That’s how sick democrat regime has become.


I listened to the Governor and he said that progress was around a football field per day, which doing the math equates to 20 miles per year. How long is that Texas border again?

Can you believe that? I heard in the report, the Brandon Administration hasn’t responded yet? How long does it take to say “hell yes”?


It’s not like the taxpayers have already paid for those materials…


A construction project like that requires multiple sites to be in operation simultaneously. If I’m correct this undertaking is being done using available materials that were in lay down areas when J’Biden’s handlers pulled the plug on the contracts. If there is no fabrication work being done to continue construction when the last section of wall is raised what then?
Gov. Abbot is at least making the effort, he is after all up for re-election right? I’m surprised it has taken this long.
With so much at stake who would be surprised if cartel backed criminal elements begin vandalizing or destroying sections of wall.

…and that’s when we call out the national guard.

The bottom line is that Texas should not be on the hook to do this on it’s own. This is a federal responsibility…contracts were signed and materials bought and paid for.

From the center for immigration studies from last July.

“ According to the report, titled “President Biden is Wasting Billions by Not Building the Border Wall”, subcommittee Ranking Member James Lankford finds that between $1.837 billion and $2.087 billion of taxpayer dollars have been wasted since Biden’s inauguration, and that this fiscal drain increases by at least $3 million per day. Lankford notes that at the end of the Trump administration, approximately $10 billion had been transferred to two Department of Defense accounts for border wall construction and related projects, known as DOD 2802 Accounts and DOD 284 Accounts. Based on interactions with DOD employees, the GOP learned that DOD 2802 accounts fund military construction projects and that there were seven border wall-related projects suspended by President Biden. Initially, the suspension resulted in $6 million a day in taxpayer waste, but after laying off some contractors the waste is down to $3 million a day. As explained in the report, “the Federal government is paying contractors on these seven projects $3 million per day to drive out to project sites and guard the unused pallets of steel and other construction materials.” Lankford estimates that between January 20 and July 15, DOD has paid the contracts between $618 and $708 million to babysit materials, and that it will take from 12 to 18 months to terminate the contracts. Citing government statements from pending litigation, the DOD 2802 funds wasted will total between $798 million and $1.048 billion by the end of the calendar year.”

From the NY Post on the same topic…

Turns out not building a wall is almost as costly as building one.

President Joe Biden is spending at least $3 million a day on contractors “to watch steel rust in the desert,” Senate Republicans have found — as he tries to put a stop to former President Trump’s planned wall along the US-Mexico border, despite the ongoing crisis there.

“President Biden is paying professional construction contractors to babysit metal to the tune of $2 billion and counting, while at the same time we’ve seen a 20-year high number of migrants crossing our open border,” said Sen. James Lankford (R., Okla.)“. Biden spending over $2B to halt border wall construction amid migrant crisis

Anybody else sick of the failed Biden administration yet?


The rats will put up razor wire around the DC ivory tower if a patriot sneezes the wrong way.

We need to keep after brandon and get these materials used.

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Brandon and company won’t care.

They obviously don’t care.

That’s why we are in this mess.

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I suppose there’s an argument there about what to do with the existing materials that we paid for and are now going to waste thanks to our America Last incompetent presidency…not sure how that argument would be rectified…

The building materials are technically federal government property…so The feds would want to be compensated for their use…

But that’s also taxpayer money…the taxpayers of Texas have already paid for those materials which were designated for border construction once.

It’s absolutely criminal that Biden’s bozos have decided to just abandon that project and to let all that perfectly good steel go to waste.

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We can put some legal verbal heat on them.

They are backpedalling real fast now…Take the SF mayor call for proactive policing last week.

High road…high energy…moral high ground will win the day.

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The feds are well known for the red tape.

They will need to classify the material as surplus and then donate it to Texas…Probably late 2022 or early 2023 by my wind meter.


That’s what it all is at this point…just 100 million dollars of taxpayer money left to rust…

I pray that something monumental will happen in November of 2022 to make your wind meter right!:blush:


Just further evidence that they all want open borders no matter what ■■■■■■■■ they say that they don’t.


…but if this was Afghanistan…and Texans were Talibans…it would then be…different?

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What would be interesting is if Texas can at least funnel the flow of migrants to New Mexico, Arizona and California. Then let’s see what those states do?

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1,954 miles long. Which at 20 miles per year would make the project 97.7 years to complete.

Yep…Brandon needs to help, instead of impeding this project and creating human disasters at the border. Why wouldn’t he let Texas use the border fence that’s just lying there?

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