Terrorist Bombing in Mississauga restaurant 15 people injured


Maybe your one of those people who think immigrant are bad, but we don’t here in Canada we love them they bring massive amount of wealth to our country and communities.


Plus poutine…so there is that.


Yeah thats working out so well…

In UK, France, Germany, Sweden…etc.

You will be whistling a different tune soon.


Yeah, well you also believe in a pedophile ring being run out of the basement of a pizzeria, so there’s that.


Canada is a nation of immigrant we has always have been, always will be.
we are not UK, France, Germany, Sweden.


Diversity is one of Canada biggest strengths.


How dare you! COMET Ping Pong is a wholesome place. Take your kids.


What is wrong with the painting by the ping pong?


You mean antlered Pagan witch queens being offered children?

Oh…let me think.


Well glad you like them. I’ve got a couple of Canadians in my twitter feed saying thousands are coming across and taking up all the shelter spaces in Toronto, and being able to access “Free” health care and whatever else Justin Trudeau decides to give them.

Somehow I doubt a lot of average Canadians are fine with thousands of illegals crossing the border and then taking advantage of all your "Free’ stuff.


majority of illegal are denied asylum and deported.


That’s not what I’m seeing in my Twitter feed. Leftist trudeau has opened the doors wide for illegals.


And Twitter is always right?

Twitter is made up of hundreds of thousands of individuals, each with their own agenda.

Why not check actual news sources?


I’m not sure what the motivation could be then. Nobody robs a store by blowing it up and leaving without the cash.