Terrorist Bombing in Mississauga restaurant 15 people injured


And the half quote you made doesn’t back up your statement of them saying it’s not terrorism or hate related.


Indian Resturant in a predoiantly Muslim neighborhood

“There is no indication that this is a terrorism act. There is no indication that this is a hate crime at this time. We haven’t ruled anything out as we start our investigation,” said Peel Regional Police Chief Jennifer Evans.

“Every police resource is being used right now to locate the people responsible for this horrendous act.”


Insane people. Insane leftists allowing it.


What is wrong with their statement? They didn’t say what you think they said. At this time, based on the information it’s not a hate crime or terrorism act. That’s what good law enforcement does. Waits until information is received. They didn’t say it’s not that. Done. period.


RCMP will not release any information till its fully vetted and 100% fact that is how we handle police work up here.


RCMP will not confirm the motivation of any crime till they are 100%.


The patriots of Canada will rise up against their Globalist, Leftist overlords .


That’s a fun, non-sequitur.


RCMP are amazing police force they will track these scumbag down I have no doubts about it.


You mean they act like good law enforcement? How dare they. They should be making claims with no information to appease tinfoil hat pizza gate people.


Where is the Ignore function?


You do know even our Conservatives would be viewed as leftist liberal in America right?


There is none. You just have to not respond, especially with false statements.


I hear their are factions within RCMP that are protecting Toronto drug lords.


I’m sure there are some bad cops but majority of the RCMP are solid hard working people.


Canada still is mostly centrist…but apathetic and lots of non-voters. But not for long, since Globalist leftists are working on destroying Canada.


Canada is doing fine no one is destroying us, we will come back 1000x stronger from this or any other trash people throw at us.


Canada needs to do serious house cleaning and stop the Globalist madness.


Police investigation are very tight lipped, we also normally don’t even release victim names.


Canada is doing fine, we are not that globalism we have some of the most protective trade regulation in the world.