TERROR PLOT FOILED: Authorities Bust Plan to KILL 10,000 in California | Sean Hannity

A graduate of Berkeley High School in California pleaded guilty to multiple charges of terrorism this week after telling federal agents he plotted with ISIS to kill 10,000 people in the San Francisco area.

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This is why it’s damaging to disparage the FBI and it’s employees. They are doing good work on behalf of the American people. Thank you to everyone involved in catching and prosecuting this would-be terrorist. The crazy in the world has only increased since this idiot was caught in Nov 2016, so it is all the more important the FBI be allowed to do what it does best.


No one is targeting the hard working Men and women of the FBI. It’s the individuals in charge that are biased and who targeted our elections; in my opinion they (Comy and his gang) were involved, before and after the elections, to overthrow our President. They started all the Russian BS

There’s a shocker…

Imagine that rat poison, Wait! Didn’t that JUST HAPPEN with marijuana? How much you want to bet that Peaceful Islam was involved?

Please Mr Hannity, talk to your audience about #QAnon.

Dude are you stupid or what? The FBI I made up of TRAITORS!!! they’re not doing ■■■■ for America because they’re ran by liberscums like yourself. Funny how they’re all getting fired by trump, also funny how all this Russian collusion the FBI is investigating is their owb, gonna be ■■■■■■ hilarious when what Russia and trump talked about comes out you better believe that!!

I’m looking forward to the day when Trump/Putin’s America starts rounding up citizens for reeducation camps. I already secured a job as one of the trainers. I’m actually helping with the writing of some of the materials we’re going to use on our guests.

Yep you just confirmed your as ■■■■■■ stupid as stupid gets, maybe secret service needs to pay your ass a visit too!

Be careful what you post about the FBI.

You just joined 14 minutes ago. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

You get all kinds of people in the Hannity Bot posted threads. I think they’re people who are on hannity.com to read the articles, instead of people primarily here to read the forum.

Is this a bot or are you really this misinformed and simple?

Man, the people replying to these bot posts really make me question the future of this country. Are there really so many brain dead simpletons who swallow the CEC line so completely?

I didn’t used to believe it. For a time, I thought most of the callers to my local talk radio personality were poes. I came to believe even my local talk radio personality didn’t believe the things he talked about.

I still believe many are into it in order to sell products and make money. I also think many people are too entertained to question whether any of it is true. Being informed takes time, and if your news diet is composed of political-entertainment, you may never get there.

Yea or maybe you just need to WAKE UP! :wink: