Terminator: Dark Fate

I saw Terminator: Dark Fate today, and it was a really solid action film.

It had some solid action and wonderful performances by some of the cast.

It’s not perfect, but it was better than Terminator: Salvation and Genysis. More people should see this film if there will be more Terminator films.

I recommend everyone to see it.

I give it a grade of an B+.


That’s a real high bar.


Linda Hamilton lives near me. Her trainer was also Peyton Manning’s trainer. I met Linda one afternoon on our football field.

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Yeah I mean a hernia is preferable to Genysis.

Is it a cyborg hernia?

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There’s what now - six of them? They can safely stop. :wink:

I just saw it yesterday and enjoyed it a lot.

I only saw the first two, never bothered with the others.

There’s been complaints that it’s just the same old formula, and it is, but there were a few twists.

I thought it was interesting that the savior of the human race was going to be a Mexican rather than the traditional American as in the last few films - and of course ----- spoiler alert

A woman (rather than a woman who gives birth to a man who will do it).

Bit of political correctness there, but hey, why not?

Linda Hamilton looked fantastic, as did Mackenzie Davis. I thought Schwarzenegger did a great job. The Rev 9 was a lot more menacing, too.

Apparently bombed at the box office, which is too bad. Three female heroines can’t carry the film?

Lib revisionism run amok! Is nothong sacred, bot even Ah-nold?

Seriously though, thanks for the synopsis. :slight_smile:

Also? I think it has less to do with casting and more that the franchise is simply tired. They could have stopped three films ago.

They should have stopped at Judgement day.

So much this. When T3 had Arnold put on Elton John’s sunglasses and deliver a “talk to the hand” line, even the Fonz wondered why he took so much crap for jumping a shark.

I lost all faith when I saw the T-X’s boobs double in size to impress the cop.

I honestly contemplated suicide at that point just to get that movie out of my head.

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Haven’t seen those, but IMHO this one is worth seeing!

There’s a scene where Arnold looks at those iconic glasses - that got an anticipatory laugh from the audience (small audience though it was) - and then he doesn’t put them on.

Don’t want to spoil the reason why for those who haven’t seen the film…but it’s very affecting at the end of the film…

My cousin directed this. I’m not sure I’ll make it to the theater, but will definitely add it to my video collection.

Good to see people liking it, but I saw it didn’t do that well for opening week, which is disappointing because I like the franchise.

Not sure I’ll see the Sonic movie at all.