Tennessee Gettin' Hot!

From a neighbor of mine there returning to his native Atlanta, various entities that wouldn’t be permitted in other states thrive in Florida—for example, various schools that do extensive advertising and promise certification in a trade, but their students really get nowhere with their programs.

Just as long as they veer more towards legal in their operations, they stay afloat there. Maybe that’s at least a part of fly by night contractors fleecing their customers and leaving—that and it being a very transient part of the states with few native born & raised.

I wanted to return for years, but I would no longer recognize it & find I enjoy the colder climate here.

Few restrictions on WHAT you can build lol, just HOW you build it, at least historically. Not complaining about hurricane standards, but rather the miles of red tape to get it done. Those little “colleges” are all over the place, but the situation has improved a lot.

Didn’t Baretta move there a few years ago too??

Here’s Beretta:

Why Beretta is moving its gun factory to Tennessee.


How does public education rank in Tennessee compared to Massachusets & Connecticut?

I found it.

Mass & Ct are 1 & 2
Tenn - 35

I found the same article.

Most likely companies like Beretta & S&W are looking at states that wouldn’t have restrictive policies re firearms and wouldn’t tax them to death.

Connecticut is one of the most unfriendly states to go into business in part due to high taxes. Some CT employers have closed up shop there & moved their operations to MA, which ranks about the middle as far as ease of doing business.

Yup! Tenn. #2, Conn. #38

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Aw, they are just all moving there to cut shipping costs to Illinois. :wink:

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Good for them! May they do well there…

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Breaking ground

A 240 acre facility. Probably about two years of work before you even break ground. They kept it secret very well.

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