Tennessee Democratic expelled for being a crook

For those of you who think I only rail on rs.

This is one crooked politician.

5 senators supported her staying. Yikes.

She was rightfully ousted…


Robinson, D-Memphis, had decried the Senate’s move as racist and misogynistic and called the expulsion a “procedural lynching” Wednesday.

…and I would label this politician as typical.

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I don’t know that I agree with this.

This is all you have to know.

“Tennessee state law bars people convicted of felonies from serving in public office.”

She was convicted of a felony…and denied a new trial.

She shoulda just resigned once convicted…


Nah, it isn’t.

democrats turn on democrats only when they are too far gone

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And when it’s a safe seat.


Well at least they covered all the buzzwords.

Some state-level nobody in the middle of nowhere. Oh boy. :rofl:



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Democrats didn’t turn on her, she was expelled by the Tennessee Senate, which is overwhelmingly Republican.

She was given many breaks including a reduction of the felony charges.

The felony charge stands and she should have resigned.

Nursing home fraud is a big issue.

This is how public official prosecution should work, unlike what is being done to 45.

This is how investigations work.

  1. Investigate
  2. Indict
  3. Convict.

They are on number one on 45.

Don’t understand the complaint.


One word. Legitimate.

It is a legal investigation run by an elected attorney general.

You don’t like the investigation is regarding someone you like.

If he is innocent he has nothing to fear.


It is beyond the pale and obvious political persecution.

I don’t like Trump as much as you think.

I despise injustice.

One man s persecution is another ones investigation.

One should not misvalue property they own.


I despise injustice.

Revile it.

Loathe the abuse of a power granted with trust and honor.

That is why I gave the TN process a good review.

Some other smoke starting to show.

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no i’m sure in fact i bet any democrats around defended her

it’s after they expelled, or removed from office etc do they turn on them.

i call it the Cuomo Effect

There were only 5 senators who supported her.

Everyone else was embarrassed that she didn’t resign.