Ten Years of Tax Returns From All Presidential Candidates? -- new legislation

One of the first orders of business from the Democratic House will be a bill that mandates that all Presidential nominees publish ten years of their tax returns.

This would put all candidates on a level and transparent playing field. As long as it applies universally, I think it is a great idea. To quote President Trump after his televised wall/shutdown showdown with Pelosi and Schumer, “We’re all about transparency.” I stand with the President on that one.

Anyone see any problems with this.


I think it is a good idea.

I also think Trump will likely blow a gasket if this thing passes, and I can pretty much guarantee he’ll veto it.

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I believe Mitch McConnell will refuse to put it to a vote in the Senate so as to save Trump from having to exercise a veto. However, the Democratic strategy is clear. They are going to float ideas for improving governance with the promise to enact them after the 2020 election.

If the Democrats are proposing transparency, what is the Republican position? Secrecy. Does that seem like a winner to anyone?

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See, dems have no solutions.


They should propose it as many times as the republicans proposed removing the ACA.

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No, I don’t see. Why don’t you explain it?

I see an issue. The Constitution mandates the requirements for being President. Tax returns aren’t mentioned.
Congress does not have the power to control the executive branch by restricting who can be President, other than by the amendment process.

Because I have not seen any social legislation from the dems… It’s all Trump hate, no solutions…


Interesting point. I could see this going to a Supreme Court test eventually.

Interesting - inferring “Trump hate” from requiring presidential candidates to supply the same amount of tax returns.

It can hardly be called “Trump hate” if they are requiring the same thing from everyone.

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For the last six years, the Democrats have not only not been able to offer bills, they largely have been unable to offer amendments in most cases. So that’s hardly a valid complaint.

There are a series of promised bills besides the one discussed here.

I particularly like the bills to limit lobbying, reverse portions of Citizens United and re-institute the Voting Right Act. All positive social actions. Opposition to lobbying should be bi-partisan, opposition to racial discrimination should be bi-partisan and as to limiting dark money in elections – on people bent on bribery should oppose that.

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TDS is the only reason we’ve suddenly heard this proposal…lo,l!

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TDS is nonsense… a revival of the Stalinist strategy of treating opposition to Communism as a mental illness. Laws that apply to everyone apply to everyone. That’s a game for dictatorships not for a Republic.


Apparently, for some, anything that Trump might not like is “Trump hate.”

really? what was the very first thing the house voted on?

what in that is “Trump hate?”

as for social legislation

She outlined an ambitious agenda for the next two years, saying the House will address income disparity and be “a champion of the middle class,” protect Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, as well as people with pre-existing medical conditions and face what she called “the existential threat of our time, the climate crisis.”

She also pledged the House will act on guns by passing “bipartisan background check legislation,” will pass the Equality Act to end discrimination against LGBTQ Americans, and will protect those she called “our patriotic, courageous DREAMers,” young immigrants who arrived in the U.S. illegally as children.

Nope. The Constitution defines the requirements for being President. I don’t see legislation adding additional requirements to those of the Constitution.

Nope, tax returns are always a topic, you forgetting the 2012 election, Romeny and Harry Reid etc.? Geez… that was only 7 years ago…

LMAO… Except we all know dems are obsessed with Trumps tax returns… We all know that’s the only reason this is proposed.

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Yes… Dems just lie about rep tax returns anyway, so why do you care…

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Well this should make you happy then?

Why are you against transparency?