Temporary Time Outs

Hey I just was put on a time out for about a week- the second one since this new forum was created. I have been surprised because I never was given a time out in the ten years I was at the other site. But whats more important to me is finding out why I was put on a time out. I never did find out though I asked. It would be at least nice to know why it happened so it wouldn’t happen again. Any way to find out who to ask, how to go about finding out?

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Check the email you used 5o sign up. It wont give you specifics but it will give 6ou a reason.

Ah found it- hitler reference. Kay thanks. Weird though- it was from Wikipedia naming 25 famous nationalists which included Hitler. I will be more careful in the future.

I believe there are a lot of implicit rules which are not posted anywhere. For instance I recieved a time out for describing the manner in which trump had sex with stormy daniels. The word was not filtered but it was not allowed.