Temporary Ban on Fireworks in Public

After watching the coordinated attack in Wisconsin it would be very helpful to law enforcement to enact a temporary ban on personal fireworks in public spaces.

Local officials? State officials?

How many times do offices have to be barraged with fireworks and injured to take these toys away?

Wisconsin was the last straw for me.

It is dry and hot everywhere. Fire risk is ridiculously high.

  • Call for a temporary ban on fireworks.
  • Fireworks are not a problem right now.

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Umm how about just arrest those who use them improperly instead?


Fireworks are legal all year 'round out here. I’d prefer that my rights to set off fireworks on my children’s birthdays not be hampered by violent libs from other places.

Tough to do in a melee.

If these are spotted before they are used and an arrest happens…even better.

The danger is too high to ignore.

If you are on your own property fine.

That is why I put in public spaces.

These rioters are using them like small missiles.

If the cops can stop someone with a backpack full before they are used it would help.

If they can’t get fireworks, they’ll make something; probably even more dangerous.

That would require more effort and would help for the rest of the riot season which will probably last another 2 months.

I don’t like the idea of banning anything.

Fireworks are often banned just due to a dry summer…which we also have.

More of the small government conservatism I keep hearing about?

And who would enforce this ban, the Feds?

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I’d be all for enforcing a curfew which would solve the firework problem and many others.

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That is certainly appropriate and a better first step.

I never thought I would see fireworks used like this. It is criminal.

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I want to stop the attack on the police with them.

The police need support and this is one way to help them.

Temporary until curfews are lifted and crowds are gone.

Yep round up everybody who violates the curfew and arrest them. These rioters need to be stopped period.

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It is an instant aggression and destruction mob.

Burning businesses for no reason.

Using fireworks as projectiles.

It is mob rule unleashed.

It is a mob indeed and mobs need to be “squashed” so to speak.

Quit playing around and round them up like the cockroaches they are and prosecute them.

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Threw a Molotov cocktail into a police car.

Plenty of work arounds.

She wasn’t throwing that as far as the fireworks shoot and she didn’t blend into the mob so easy.

I hope she enjoys her stay in the lockup.

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Arrest these people involved in these riots and hold them to until their trial. Then this will stop being fun and games.

Banning firework = okay.
wearing a mask = fascism.

This is hilarious. After being chased down and caught for throwing the molotov cocktail, this social justice warrior tried to get out of it by saying it was three black people.


What a good little lib.

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