Tell me again why minorities should vote Republican?

It is amazing that in 2018 a member Congress still think this way

Fake news.
Lincoln was a republican.
Republicans freed the slaves.
DemonRAT plantation.
Taken out of context.
Lib snowflakes too PC.
Robert Byrd was in KKK so Dems racists.

Did I miss any?

And the white people there laughed and clapped at her deplorable comment.

Trump is not an anomaly, he is the norm of the Republican Party.

Since the old Land O’ Cotton has gone red, the plantations can rebuilt. Halaluuya.
Look-a-way, Look-a-way, Look-a-way, Dixieland.

It’s only about heritage, right.

I think that pretty much covers all the talking points usually made when accusing this current iteration of the GOP(the Trump GOP) of being racists.

Par for the course.