Tell me again why FOX isn't allowed to moderate a debate?

What gives? After watching that debacle last night how can anyone say that FOX moderators would have done a worse job than those MSNBC goofballs? It was total chaos. Mainly just an exchange of insults with very little substance being discussed. Out of control crap. There is no way this would happen with real professionals such as Brett Baier and Martha McCallum. Ridiculous. Fox could teach them a thing or two about managing a debate.

Trump supporters asking for debates with less insults and more substance. Seems iffy.

I watched the debate, seemed like usual debate badness but with Warren being less passive and feasting on Bloomberg and Klob wanting to throw a stapler at Pete. I don’t recall “insults” either. No one talked about the person at the end of the debate order having bad hair or how someone needs their mother to come to the debate for them.


Fox might ask embarrassing questions that Democrats just don’t want to answer, especially in relation to illegal immigration and their support for open borders.


That’s good. Let them get away with never being asked tough questions until they are in the general. I like my Democrats unprepared and losing.

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Thank you for proving my point. I wasn’t expecting such affirmation of my post so early on.


The phrasing of the title of this thread betrays a misunderstanding of how this all works.


I have mild respect for them both. But the fact they both (Wallace still being there) knew what was happening with the network and stayed on to give an appearance of legitimacy makes them every bit as complicit in my book.

Fox News is little more than OANN or Infowars. Just a watered down version that tried to trick their viewers into believing they’re balanced by slick tricks of inserting random right-of-center moderates who could be real journalists for another network.

We see here every single day how well their propaganda has worked. How many people don’t have the slightest clue what has happened and how their views do not reflect reality. Yet they’re convinced THEY are the ones who are right. That their conspiracy theories are justified and supported. When they are so far out there it’s almost embarrassing.


Fox should host a debate during the general election and so should MSNBC.

I however have a feeling that Trump won’t debate. He may not want to place himself in a position where he doesn’t completely control the discussion.

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I could care less it just shows the democrats are not willing to talk to the other half of the country Hats off to Sanders, Buttigieg, and Klobuchar for going away from the safe space media and bucking the trend the others set.

Why should he?

oh my tough questions for king/queen complex democrats?

Shep wasn’t fired. If you have to resort to statements like this you have no argument to start with.

good LORD please tell me you dont really believe all this.


It doesn’t. “State Run”.

To remind people of who he is and what he stands for. He should be willing to defend his positions and to show why he is the better choice.

Seriously? If they were state run they’d always support whatever administration is in power.

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I was trying to find the right words to describe it and there…you’ve done it.


See, that’s the point. The target audience of the primary debates is Democrats - not everyone.

The debates are mostly just free ad time for all candidates. The DNC is going to go with the channels that are most likely to get the most Democratic viewers.

As we can see by their stellar ratings, they made the right choice. rofl

He’s trying to win, not lose.

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