Tell Me Again What Did Trump Achieve with North Korea?

Yesterday NK launched two missiles in a new test.

The Reuters report provides a clear synopsis of what is known about this test including the fact that it puts future talks in doubt.

To all those Trump supporters that used the fact that NK had not tested any missiles since Trump gave the NK regime the legitimacy on the world stage they craved, what do you say now?

Trump marching off to NK has achieved what exactly? Trump got his historic first by placing his feet over the border but apart from feeding his ego how has Trump reduced the threat of NK?

Well, he did shake Kim’s hand.

And he fell in love with Kim.

And he stepped on NK soil.

Other than that - I got nothing…


Those were just short-range missiles. He hasn’t fired off any long-range missiles since they fell in love.

As a trump supporter, he gave me a thrill up my leg. I love romance dramas.

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Photo ops?

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That photi of Trump and Kim Jung-un will be on the walls of the White House forever.

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I can just imagine the tour guide in 50 years. And this, kids, is a picture of the time a sitting president thought it would be a good idea to shake the hand of a brutal dictator and cozy up to him.

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I haven’t had kimche in months.

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He got a very big, beautiful letter. Oh and a picture to hang in the White House.

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Trump basically told Otto Warmbier’s parents that he doesn’t care about them.


Yes, good point.

My guess is that Kim is attempting to not lose face with in NK by not responding to…

Brought back Otto safe and sound? nope that didnt happen


Kind of makes one wonder what happened to those bigly awesome negotiation skills of his.

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It is hard for some to see with blinders so tightly attached to their skulls. Spoon fed what they want to hear… Sheep will follow.

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Honestly? He got a large swath of Americans to side with North Korea and decide that the Un regime is A-OK and hunky dory. He’s made adoration of despots (Putin, Xi, Duterte, Erdogan, Un) a fad and Trumpists are absolutely giddy to follow along.


Aw, they were probably just a couple of oversized model rockets like we all made in our junior high science classes.

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I believe the scientific name for this blinders is gluteus maximus… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I mAkE DeALz

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