TEHRAN’S TYRANNY: Iran Arrests, Tortures 7,000 Dissidents in ‘Year of Shame’ Campaign

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/tehrans-tyranny-iran-arrests-tortures-7000-dissidents-in-year-of-shame-campaign/

The Iranian government abruptly arrested and potentially tortured thousands of people throughout 2018 in what Amnesty International is calling a ‘Year of Shame.’

“Iran took more than 7,000 people into custody last year in a ‘shameless campaign of repression,’ according to the human rights group Amnesty International,” writes Fox News.

“From underpaid teachers to factory workers struggling to feed their families, those who have dared to demand their rights in Iran today have paid a heavy price,” stated the group behind the report.

“The regime is thirsty for our blood. We are faced with the danger of being killed or arrested or tortured all the time,” said one anti-Iranian activist. “But we have a commitment to freedom, so we have to sacrifice everything and forego many things such as a job and travel.”

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