Teenagers battle over 40 million $$ in prize money this weekend

Teenagers are battling for serious money this weekend in New York as the most popular video game Fortnite get its first world cup series. one 17 year old who already makes over 150,000 a year will be competing.

Video games are slowly becoming real “sports” with real prize money.

In the New York tennis stadium where the U.S. Open is played every summer, Fortnite players — many not old enough for a driver’s licence — are competing for a $40 million prize pool in a first-of-its-kind tournament.

Like many professional sports, video game competition is dubbed the World Cup. Like many professional athletes, the competitors warm up, train and scrutinize their strengths and weaknesses for hours a day.

“I’ve been going over my film,” said Canadian contestant Hayden Krueger, 17. “Going over, like, what mistakes we’ve made, our good plays, making new strategies, applying those into our games.”

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Yeah I watched some of it.

I play Fortnite very casually.

I play fighting games (currently DragonBall Fighterz) like a religion and I watch just about every major tournament. Combo Breaker, Evo, you name it I watch it.

I’m no where near that level, though. Watching those guys like HookGangGod and SonicFox is mostly just depressing for those of us who are simply good, but not great. They are playing an entirely different game.

Like Smash for example. Watching people who play Smash as a party game and then watching people who play at Evo. It’s not even the same game with the pros. They literally break the systems down to their absolute bare parts and build strategies from there.

Hey, many people play AOE2. You play it online?