Teen who just received diploma shot at Church in Leawood after graduation

In Kansas. This kid is one of 69 people who were shot at or hit on 5/17/18.

More youth violence! When are we going to outlaw teenagers?

My prayer for the victim and a speedy recovery. The good news is that he was talking when he left in an ambulance.

Out of 325.7 million. What’s the math on that?

What a ridiculous and completely dishonest exaggeration.

2 people were injured by shots, none killed.

The shooting was the result of a fight that broke out in the parking lot after the commencement ceremony.

68 people were not “shot at” to claim they were is just a bold faced lie.

Word is it was a minor arm/shoulder wound and he’s doing fine for one of them. I’m not seeing any reports on the other.