Ted Cruz...what does your wife think?

Ted Cruz…what does your wife think?

I know Ted’s in a race for his political career. But did he forget the things he said about your wife…your father helped assassinate Kennedy?

How the **** do you pen this pile of steaming poo…i have no respect to give to you. I hope on top of it all…that you lose.

Politics over wife. Nice man…really nice

Just the kind of person Trump attracts…amoral.

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Eesh, what a snivelling coward of a man.

Wonder how it will play in Texas.

Konssurvative1, the link is not working.

i’ve been wondering recently how things that Trump said, and how many tactics that Trump used will he be able to re-say/re-use. i bet he’ll re-hash a lot of stuff and some people will still buy it.

I think he loves his wife very much and she loves him and no off the cuff political rhetoric would change that.

I like Ted and hope he Cruzes to victory AND supports President Trump whose character resides in his action, not his unusual rhetoric.

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Demonstrating fealty to a person who repeatedly attacked your wife and father on a very personal level is a strange way to show love.

How does he walk upright without a spine?

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Absolutely agree…how he can even come close to working with the orange cheeto after that shows a lack of any kind of moral anchor.

And those who look at this type of behavior and see it as par for the course show the type of stuff they are made out of as well.

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Maybe some people simply don’t mind when bosses, co-workers, fellow employees attack their spouse publicly.

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i can see Beto salivating about using cruz’s fawning over trump after trumps comments about his family in a campaign ad

Yeah. I can’t believe they’d let some guy trash their wife publicly and then bow down.

In Cruz’s defense… He IS a politician, and like all politicians he’d have no compunction in selling his own mother if it garnered him votes.

What a cuck. Lol! A woman has more cajones than this clown.

Ted “The Texas gimp” Cruz.

I would like to think that that kind of fawning behavior towards the man who trashed your wife and father wouldn’t play well in Texas…but I’m not optimistic.

Cruz: I don’t get angry often, but you mess with my wife, you mess with my kids, and that’ll do it every time. Trump, you’re a sniveling coward and leave Heidi the hell alone!!

Reporter: So will you support him as the nominee?

Cruz: (pauses) I’m gonna beat him!

Several weeks later

Phone banks for Trump.

Just like he claims to be a fiscal conservative and then votes for a tax bill that explodes the defiicit by like $2 trillion, the dude is a lying, worthless, spineless piece of crap.

It wasn’t “off the cuff.”

Trump literally re-posted an unflattering pic of Heidi Cruz compared to Melania.