Tea Party will show up again in late November

Maybe even sooner.

We are levels of deficit not seen since we were getting out of an enormous recession.

If the stock market takes a dump… because of Democrats or something… what tools does the government have left in it’s toolbar?

Decrease taxes even further, spend even more.

Or… maybe it was never about the deficit.


thanks obama

It’s going to be epic when the TP marches on Washington again.

and they will but they will blame it all on the house of representative until 2020

Obama wasn’t an American.

That’s ok. Neither are the buyers of the new debt obligations.

Present tense is fine in this case. They’re already doing it.

I wonder when we can expect another one of Glenn Beck’s famous rallies!

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only after the Democrat take the House so they can blame them.

Glenn already made millions peddling fear and whackjob conspiracy years ago. He can afford to sit this one out.

Whatever happened to principles? Morals? Honor?

Sold for power and revenge.

Dirt cheap.

The Tea Party is Gone

It was drive opposition to the first black president and the false idea that the ADA was socialized medicine.

Those 2 bugaboos are gone and so are they.