Tds aocds..ods and what's up?

Since I had a post removed that said “smells like aocds in here”. I’m going to assume from now on any post on here that in akin to that is a violation?
Because we have a lot of tds posts on here.

I’d just like clarity because I figured some fun tongue and cheek was fine…you know thicker skin and all that jazz.


Sorry. Only one side is allowed to do that.


I’m not going to say that. But I want fairness on this board, not a lopsided war or war period.

And I know context matters but their have been a couple dozen posts like mine on here and never touched…

Every post critical of Trump is met with a TDS response so surely Plasmas post that got deleted could not been because of his AOCTDS comment?

Guys not the time or place…

Just when things were relatively peaceful around here.

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And it shouldnt have been…you both should delete your posts and oknow

If you have a problem with the mod’s it’s best to take it to them directly, not try to air it out in the open which amounts to calling them out.

And I’m ignoring all but flagrant violations on the thread. Like a regular poster anything questionable I flag for other mods to look at.