Taxes considering bill that would make abortion a crime punishable by death

another state another pointless abortion bill that will be thrown out by federal court.

Texas lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow a woman who undergoes an abortion procedure to possibly be charged with capital murder – a crime punishable by death in Texas.

House Bill 896, introduced in the Texas House Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence Committee, would remove the exception in the penal code for criminal homicide that applies to women and medical professionals and allow them to be charged with murder of an unborn child.
The measure would be a blanket ban on abortion procedures in the state, allowing the state to enforce the bill “regardless of any contrary federal law, executive order, or court decision.” The landmark 1973 US Supreme Court decision in Roe v Wade affirmed the legality of a woman’s right to have an abortion under the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution.

If Republican really care about lowering abortion rates they would give out free birth control.

Colorado officials last week announced the state’s teen pregnancies have dropped by more than 50 percent over eight years thanks largely to a program that provides no- or low-cost intrauterine devices and long-acting reversible contraception (LARC) implants at 75 Colorado family planning clinics.

The state’s teen abortion rate fell even more, by 64 percent.

I hope it passes.

Same I love the added part that they will enforce it no matter what “regardless of any contrary federal law, executive order, or court decision.” can’t wait for them to do that.

I doubt it would pass… but I think the world needs to see the logical conclusion to the “Abortion = Murder” argument.

Them Texas loves them some death penalty thats for sure.

As Ron White said “Other states are trying to abolish the death penalty, Texas is putting in an express lane”

I am assuming all these hardline abortion laws are an attempt to get something pushed up to the Supreme Court.

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Its not always easy living in Texas…

So the rapist goes to jail but the victim who doesnt want to carry a rape baby will be put to death

This is an insulting thing to imply about grown women—that they make too little to pay for their own birth control.

And nobody has ever answered how, if they cannot pay for the b c, they’re paying for the abortion?

Or the lab fee for the fetal biopsy—to make sure none if the baby remains inside the mother?

■■■■ both state and federal initiatives to help pay what most working adults can pay for themselves.

Its not insulting.

If the actual goal is to reduce abortions then go with what has actually been shown to work.

Not with what one thinks will work but doesn’t.

They guy who came up with this looks like a rapist…

Here is that examination of fetal tissue referenced:

How exactly do you pay for abortion and related services if you cannot pay for birth control? Where is the logic here?

And what is the excuse with Planned Parenthood accepting patients with and without insurance? 100% free female b c on all health insurance policies of the A C A?

■■■■ draining state taxpayers for this ■■■■ when they’ve already been bled for it by the ACA.

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they saw a 65% decree in abortion you can’t debate facts.

It’s a duplicate program. Dude, do you speak financialese!

We already have the Affordable Care Act. That covers female birth control at 100%.

They see both insured and uninsured patients. They do STD testing. Why can’t these irresponsible individuals pick up some rubbers there? Or at County Public Health Anonymous HIV division?

Who is earning so little they can’t afford male or female bc in the Family Planning aisle at CVS? And no one has answered this, but how are they paying the abortionist or the lab that examines the Products of Conception? That’s one strange math class some are taking.

This whole we have to be drained to make services FREE FREE FREE gets ridiculous! And it’s never enough. Pretty soon some will be demanding a free public health nurse be paid to babysit these irresponsible individuals to insure they put on the rubber and properly take the Pill.

Enough! If state voters want something like this, than we should eliminate the burdensome Affordable Care Act.

Hope this passes, too. As someone on this forum once said, stupid should hurt.

Good example of why I as someone who is more pro life than not despite the majority pro lifers. The best way to reduce abortion is easily available birth control to all, sex education, and adoption incentives. But most pro lifers would rather there be more abortions than support these things.

Who isn’t getting access to b c with Planned Parenthood, free HIV testing divisions and free female b c mandated on all health insurance policies?

Then move to Taxes, eh? :sunglasses:

The bill failed in committee… On the bright side, the bills author is getting lots of attention…

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