TAXED OUT: New York’s ‘Middle Class’ Fleeing the Nation’s Largest City | Sean Hannity

New York’s endangered middle class continued to flee the Big Apple this week, with new data showing the region’s workers and their families are increasingly forced-out due to high taxes, housing costs, and crumbling infrastructure.

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Isn’t it interesting that Sanctuary Cities are loosing middle class workers. I wonder what they’re going to do when it hits critical mass and there isn’t enough workers to pay the taxes these politicians have imposed so they could benefit the illegal aliens?

Unfortunately they have infiltrated Colorado with their $hit beliefs and $hit policies.

I feel your pain, they are also invading Upstate NY, areas once red are now blue.
It isnt just the NYC area losing population,in * the more conservative areas of NYS, people are leaving. Gov. Andy says it’s the weather why New Yorkers leave, can’t be his liberal policies are to blame. It didn’t help any when he made the remark a few years ago that those with conservative views aren’t welcome in NY. Over 40,000 left between this past year.

It is NOT just NYC that is losing the middle class. We left Upstate NY 4 years ago after living there for over 30 years. Our area once was Republican dominant. But it changed over just before Obama’s election and has not changed back. As a Republican Committe person I was able to get some Republicans to run for office but to no avail. They wouldn’t have even been on the ballot if I hadn’t gotten signatures for them. The Dems have taken over the Upstate Cities. I watched as the inner city of Schenectady expanded and began taking over the middle class areas. Upstate NY cities are dying a slow death and many are being replaced by Muslim and other immigrants. Many upstate cities are becoming like Detroit. Former shells of their selves.

I don’t live too far from Schenectady, my brother went to Union in the 70s
the city was down then, it’s worse now. The only thing keeping the city afloat is GE. The casino that was built is in a bad area of the city, definitely could have found a nicer area for that.
Lucky you getting out, I hope to be one of the next group of 40,000 leaving this liberal outhouse.

Isn’t it obvious. They have a Liberal House now that will write into tax laws that will tax middle America and middle class workers to support our sanctuary cities and liberal states that are broke because of the liberal governments there. I say the Liberals get what they deserve by voting for the very Liberal candidates that put them in that mess. I do feel for the middle class that have to leave their homes though. It is just sad that they won’t own up to their incompetence and bad tax policies.