Tax Preparer Refuses to Serve Lesbian Couple


Can one refuse to rent to a gay couple? Or how about a gay individual? Should that be legal?


Why are you asking me?

It depends on the law in your state.

I’ve rented to them.


Yes, that road.


Yes. It’s my property.


I’m asking your opinion. If you don’t want to answer that’s fine.


Connecting dots among your posts to me in this thread, you’re essentially arguing that hating the other person and calling him an ■■■■■■■ is the way you choose to “fight back”.

Cool for you… I guess…


I did. I’ve rented to them.

Ditto unmarried het couples. (There are landlords who won’t rent to unmarried couples for the same principle as refusing to rent to gay couples.)

My opinion is that the market should handle it. Less government is better government.


Thanks for answering. How did the market work back in the 1950’s?


The entire state of South Carolina refuses to rent to black people because they’re racist. How will the market handle that?

The “Market” isn’t a magical wish granting unicorn, is the market is full of ***holes than ***holes policies are going to be in place. This is literally what the government is for.


People cheered on Woolworths for refusing to serve black college students too.


I wasn’t in the market back then.

Here’s a hint, dude. I’ve heard all the arguments before. You’re asking nothing new.


And here’s a hint for you.

Don’t bypass the filters. Spell out ■■■■■■■■■ You can get a time-out for doing what you’ve done throughout the thread.


Its easy to say “let the free market decide” when you aren’t the one being discriminated against.


If the market handles this like they did discrimination before the CRA than no thanks.


It’s a stupid hill to die on.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Thank you so much.


It’s easy to say “control it with government” when you aren’t the one who owns the business.


Hey, if you want to stand up for the right to discriminate in renting, restaurants and any other business that’s your choice.

Doesn’t seem so burdensome to me to require nondiscrimination.



How it seems to you could not be more irrelevant, you don’t own the business.


I support the tax preparer’s right to be dumb and refuse the couple service if that is what their Bible tells them to do!

The tax preparer might be a Bible thumper but they sure can’t be a Conservative.

Real Conservatives don’t turn away any paying customers!