Tax Day moving to July 15 amid coronavirus crisis, Mnuchin announces

Tax day moved to July 15! now the workers at tax preparation places have an extra 3 months…

I wonder if the taxes on the $1000 corona stimulus checks will be collected on their cashing…

I wonder if people who file early will get their money, or if they’ll have to wait til after July 15 because no one will be around that the IRS to work on their returns.

That’s probably the only reason why it’s being done.

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Oh goody. I get to hang onto my reconciliation payment another three months. :smile:

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Well…I owe this year so…I can wait…if the government can? Thanks.

Ya me too. I’ll send the check july 15th.

I make sure that I owe every year. Make the government wait for my money until the last legal moment. :smile:

I usually have mine done already but general procrastination this year seems to have served me well here.

Dad’s argument always was that it earns more for me in my pocket than in the government’s and so I’ve always owed too. But looking at my portfolio I’m not sure that money was better in my pocket this year.

It really oughta be a tax free check with Daddy Trump’s face on it.

Some state tax returns require info off the federal returns so the federal return may have to be done anyway by tax day.

At least I haven’t heard about any states postponing their Apr 15 deadline.

I was really hoping for that tax free income they bandied about for a minute. That would have been great.