Taste Good Libs?

It is all over.

Kavanaugh will be confirmed. They have the votes and McConnell and Graham have already said nothing that comes out in this hearing will matter. You’ll just get to whine about it for the next 40 years while holding little candles outside prisons where abortionists are being executed.

And the Mueller investigation is over. Rod Rosenstein is gone. Fired. Kaput. And Mueller will be fired right behind him. All the people that have been indicted or pled guilty to fake crimes? Pardoned.

Kneel before your god king libs. You are cancelled. Done. How does it taste?

Victory bump.


I don’t share total optimism. I give him about a 75 percent chance. I have no confidence in liberal republicans not to screw this up. But to would be great have a majority to protect our constitution from the assault by liberal politicians.

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bumping your own thread…LOL :joy:

Yup, silly, when he could just get you to bump it for him.

It’s quite the quandary now, do you reply to me, and bump his thread again? :wink:

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Maybe you don’t know this, but this thread was started by a liberal who spends a lot of time posting nonsense like the OP to make conservatives look stupid.

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He’s a very, very bad man. Just like me. :sunglasses:

MrCapitalism is a liberal?


OK then thanks for this

Yup. A transparently obvious liberal who’s trolling you.


I never viewed him as trolling me, personally.

I do view his posts as a bit odd, and doubt I have replied to many of them, if at all.

Trump is Cool…

Maybe “transparently obvious” was an exaggeration. It’s easier to tell if you were on the old board and saw his posts before he took on the crazy-conservative persona.

Rosentein is cool…

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I’m really tired of Mr. Capitalism but this one was kind of funny.

As long as he’s having fun with it.

I enjoy a good satire, as long as it’s done well enough so that we all know what it is in the end.

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He’s old school, go back to ten years here.

Yes he’s flaming liberal but at some point he changed his tactic.

If you knew who he was before then it’s kind of funny what he’s doing now.

It seems like he’s taking politics lot less seriously then he did ten years ago. Which isn’t a bad thing I guess.


Guess that explains why his posts don’t seem to make any sense.

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He’s a Poe.