TARGET: Dramatic rise in theft added $400 Million to YTD losses

Interestingly in the Yahoo news article linked below almost 30% of the article is an extensive quote from Yahoo Finance Editor-in-Chief Andy Serwer made earlier this year.

It reads in part

"Why are people stealing these days? That’s a tough one. To some degree it’s a reflection of ourI think wealth inequality has everything to do with all this.
Think back to the so-called Public Enemies era in the 1930s, times. Simply put, America’s social contract is straining. . . .

Just in case you were going to do anything all free-thinking like and point the blame at some other sort of social decline.

Anyway here is the article:

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These days many retailers are locking laundry soap and hair care products and baby formula behind glass doors, a treatment once reserved only for cigarettes and liquor. There has been a huge rise in theft of such items, they are easy to sell on the Internet at a cheap discount. I found the following example earlier today in about a 10-minute search.

Beyond that there are the very very organized theft rings.

Just one such ring, in and around Charlotte NC, was busted two days ago. the professional thieves were very heavily armed and had stolen over $5 million in OTC drugs in the past 3

A similar group was busted in the ares this march. That one specialized in stealing and selling power tools.

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That wouldn’t have anything to do with many prosecutors refusing to prosecute shop lifting or theft under $700 would it. After all, they just want food and diapers (which frees up money for drugs and booze) and jewelry and anything else.


Whether they are organized or independent,
apparently the rates of theft has increased dramatically
and apparently they are not stealing baby formula for their babies,
they are stealing baby formula and laundry detergent, and conditioner, and
OTC meds and power tools to sell them for cash.

Two publications, two ways of measuring, but the first article says
retail theft increased 20% from 2019 to 2020.

The second one says
retail theft increase almost 300% from 2020 to 2021
and that violence is increasingly a factor.

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When I lived in a poverty-stricken urban neighborhood, there was a single gas station in the area, and in order to buy anything from inside, you had to ask for it through the bullet proof window behind the cage and the cashier would drop it down a secure tube that you couldn’t grab him from after you paid for it all.


I worked behind the bullet proof glass in a gas station when I was younger. It was a fun job, people were always trying to rob it or steal but there was a magnetic lock on the door, so I would lock them in until the cops came.They would get so mad and I would laugh my ass off.


Maybe we can get the asylum seekers to build more jails.

The failure to prosecute is a leading factor.


So not the unisex bathrooms? I heard it was unisex bathrooms.


Yeah the Phoenix 'hood convenience store where I worked during shutdown year, (guffaw) probably should not have stayed open but we had up to $2,000 in “shrink” per month just on our gummi candy aisle. . . and we had uniformed security at night.

The answer to this problem is obviously to open the borders and bring in additional poor people by the millions. That will take care of it.


Didn’t AOC or someone say the people who were stealing were doing it for need and not just because they could?

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Well according to many on the Left people steal because they don’t have a job, but now with all these jobs available you would think that would theft and robbery should be nonexistent?

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Uhh did I mention that the place I worked was in Phoenix.
That’s pretty much what is going on there.

A very large portion of my customers spoke only Spanish, paid only cash, didn’t have a single American mannerism etc…

If I had to take a guess I’d say there were plenty of bad folks among the illegal crowd, but . . . how do I put this delicately, ummm there were bad folks among them, but as a rule they were not the ones I had to worry about.

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When I lived in a small town in the 50s and 60s, newspapers were just put in a pile on the street with a cup to put your money in. No one was there and they were not locked.
House doors were left unlocked day or night.


Here in rural Wisconsin we still have on-your-honor produce stands. Drop your cash in the lockbox and take your corn and tomatoes.

In Dallas today, that would be called free soup.

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The article in this thread said that theft added losses. It didn’t comment on whether or not the company is in the red or the black overall. Nor did it discuss other issues that affect the bottom line.

Maybe pull up some articles on bathrooms and start a new thread about that.

Just a suggestion.

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Flooding the nation with poverty from the southern border is vital to the nations success. Just ask Chucky Schumer. It makes you wonder why no other industrialized nation with modern economies don’t do this? :man_shrugging:

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But i heard it was bathrooms that added losses

It wasn’t a story. It was right here on this forum. A discussion about how target was going to suffer losses because of its unisex bathroom policies

Also thank you for the advice. Much appreciated. As always.