Tammy Bruce Spills the Beans to Lou Dobbs

"For seven years, Bruce served as president of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Organization for Women…"

You must remember the above or this tale will make zero sense. Won’t make a lick of sense to the rad libs on here anyway bekez they won’t read past my avatar. No matter.

Monday evening 7/9 Tammy Bruce (On the Lou Dobbs Show) made an AMAZING statement that went by so quickly that it went right over Dobb’s noggin. But it wasn’t lost on me.

Ever wondered why the dems NEVER gives an inch? Never holds hands with the RINOS even when it is to their own good? Ever wondered why the left always MUST keep the pot stirring? Is it deluded principle? Something else? What?

Ms. Brooce, in an offhand remark spilled the beans and it was stunning to this lifelong dem watcher. Says she, the answer is simple. The left NEVER cooperates with moderates bekez…listen up…bekez it would kill their fund raisers. FUNDING. Filthy lucre. Money.

Yes, the left is ALL about the dough. Now does it all make sense?

There it is. Right in front of our faces all the time. Dems are the filthy moneygrubbers they are always accusing the fatcat republicans of being.

And they’d see you DEAD if it would put but another dollar in their grubby purses.

The republican opinion makers in the brightly lit advertising offices do it too…but they come in a poor poor second to the virulent left.

I guess I failed to mention that as the one time leaderette of the abortion crowd she confessed that it was her job to keep the pot stirring. To NEVER compromise and risk their funding. And so it continues.


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Why did Bush take us into Iraq again? How many trillions did “we” spend? Who is ■■■■ Cheney? What have “we” got to show for it besides ISIS?

Who would have known that divisive politics pays?

….and there is no such thing as an innocent side.