Taller people live longer

“Such height studies are important, scientists say, because taller people generally live longer. They are less likely to have difficult pregnancies or to develop heart or respiratory diseases. Taller people may also earn more money and be more successful in school.“

At 6’ 5” 1/4 I am in good shape. Lol. May the odds be ever in my favor.


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Not always. In the canine world the miniature breeds live a lot longer.

I miss Andre the Giant.



height privilege (I’m joking around)

Man, at 5’3 and 1/2 (although I think my “true” height is 5’4 when my spine isn’t compressed), I would say that this is true. They also statistically are more likely to be hired- I think it is because people associate height with confidence or intelligence, which are positives for employers.

However, I would think that they are more prone to joint issues- that is, tissue damage in the joints. Being bigger, that places more stress on the cartilage in their knees and spine.

I would say you are correct, I was a runner for many years and my knees took a pounding.


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Populations with good nutrition and better health care grow taller and live longer, but within a given population short people tend to live longer.

Bigger is not always better.

Short? You Just Might Live Longer | HuffPost Life

This is accurate. The one major downside to being tall.

Also, sometimes I have to duck through doorways.

Aside from that, being tall is awesome.

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I was never any sort of athlete - and my knees are still pretty shot, anyway.

I’m about as tall as you, from what you said.

Imagine running a marathon at 50 with bad knees.

I did it and looking back perhaps that wasn’t the best decision I ever made.

Took about 6 weeks to fully recover. I walked with a pronounced limp for a month afterwards.


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It is for sure helpful to be reasonably tall.

Taller guys in particular are overall seen as more attractive.

Being seen as attractive by others builds confidence.

Confidence is indeed helpful at work.

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Right? And it’s also a way for taller people to feel superior to others. Taller people have advantages that they didn’t earn just for being tall.

Don’t count your chickens just yet.


Easier to paint ceilings. And get stuff from top shelves.

But I need my wife to get stuff from the bottom cabinets.

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I have always wanted to ask a tall person for a piggy back ride so I can see crowds from their view.

Show me a 7ft 80 year old.

Abdul-jabbar 7’ 2” is 74.


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At “5’3’ I had no difficult pregnancy; live a pretty active lifestyle; and am in reasonably good health.

Don’t want to alarm anyone, but another study I remember some years back showed this


for taller people.

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And I hope he makes it to 80.

Taller people are easier targets on the battlefield.