TAG TEAM: Pompeo, Haley TORCH CNN’s Jim Acosta During Fiery Exchange | Sean Hannity

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley unloaded on CNN’s Jim Acosta during a press conference Monday; issuing a serious “fact check” to the anti-Trump journalist after making several false claims.

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Translation from CECspeak: Acosta asked a simple question, Pompeo and Haley said No, we haven’t been present at such a conversation. OMG!!!1!!

The answer they gave was “No.” That doesn’t even remotely make the question “ludicrous,” given all the reporting on this WH.

The “fact check” was that Sec. Pompeo has also been with the admin since beginning (first as CIA Director), not only Haley, of the pair. OMG!!!1!!