Tabloid reports Nancy Pelosi Husband busted for DUI over Mem Weekend

Oh, oh…we’ve got a mugshot but…still pondering.

California Sheriff’s Office Releases Paul Pelosi’s Mugshot as DA Ponders Charges of Alleged Drunk Driving

Finally. Amazing how these decisions don’t take this long for the peasants who get caught drinking and driving.

It only took a month for libs to understand it isn’t going away and if you attempt to shuffle it under the table, it will only exacerbate this whole situation. Charging him was the lessor of Nancy’s evils.

It wasn’t the libs prophesising that nothing will happen to him. It only took a month for you guys to be wrong …. Again.

Uh, huh…it always takes a month to decide when a person runs a stop sign, causes a wreck with another car, blows greater than the legal standard for a DUI…whether or not they should be charged.

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True. Clearly there was pondering based on celebrity status money etc. but i guess the fact checkers weren’t false?