T-Mobile announced a merger needing Trump administration approval. The next day, 9 executives had reservations at Trump’s hotel


This President will go down as the most corrupt in modern US history.

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That’s BS…

Did they pay higher rates than advertised?? Are they taking up residence?? Did they leave reviews on Yelp??

Literally putting money in the presidents bank account. Nothing to see here.

Pay to play alll the way baby

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I’m sure everything here is on the up and up - absolutely nothing to see here. :rofl::rofl:

So pay for play is okay now?

It’s diffeRent now.

The president doesn’t run that hotel.

Try to keep up.

Just more whinging from the foot-stompers.

Remember how the right couldnt imagine voting for Hillary because she was corrupt and under investigation by the FBI?

The hotel is in a blind trust. Trump doesn’t even know he owns it.


Its strictly ethical. I was working on a job in a city where the concrete company’s owner was also the mayor of the town. We used them all the time and we called them to do a job with us. Nobody picked up on it the trucks were dispatched and they stopped at the curb and turned around. They had a self imposed rule not to do any work in the city . It was an inconvenience but much understood

It appears so. As long as Presidential hate is directed at the appropriate groups.

Republicans like and support this. They want more of it. They want Trump to have more money from taxpayers, while they have less.

Look. No one complained about people going to McDonalds when Mayor McCheese was in office.


I remember when trump was in negotiations to buy that building. There was no talk of him running for anything at the time.

People can stay where they want to stay.

Well thats kind of the point you’re missing lol

This less about people staying were they want to say and more about the fact that the president and his kids are making money off of this.

Trump should have fully divested himself, but he didn’t.

The President still owns it.

Try to keep up.

Does anyone here think Trump is 100% objective towards people he knows are using his hotels?