Systemic Racism, Fact or Fiction?

Systemic Racism!

An often-used platitude that demands an explanation. Everybody knows it, is not an explanation. Whether the systemic racism is based on denial of rights or denial of opportunity demands an answer as it pertains to ethnic minorities.

So here are some possible candidates to prove the case of systemic racism.

Are minorities excluded from running for office?

Are minorities excluded from universities?

Are minorities excluded from government benefits?

Are minorities excluded from owning property?

Are minorities excluded from starting a business?

Are minorities excluded form art?

Or do minorities have the same opportunity rights as the majority?

The 166th congress has 52 blacks, 40 Hispanics, 12 Asian and 4 indigenous persons. There are almost 435 Americans in congress.

Clearly minorities can run for office.

Can Minorities serve on the board of education?

Can minorities join unions?

Can minorities work in government?

Can minorities be teachers?

Can minorities be judges?

Can minorities be mayors?

Can minorities be police officers?

Can minorities be Republicans?

Can minorities be conservatives?

Can minorities be lawyers?

Can minorities be ministers?

Can minorities be doctors?

What we can clearly see is that minorities can be everything except conservative Republicans.

As such they are left with liberal Mayors, police Chiefs, and district attorneys that exploit their poverty in the legal system for favorable crime stats in political campaigns.

So yes, I agree there is systemic racism. It is the system that yields 92% or more of the black vote to democrats in presidential elections. It is systemic and continues to deny minorities equal justice, quality education and economic opportunity that would solve the crime problem.

Systemic indeed.

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