System dredging up old posts and threads

I’ve seen a couple of examples of the system bringing my posts in threads dating back to early last year and resurfacing the threads themselves. Not that I’m embarrassed by that (he, he), but I can’t figure out why.


can you link to one of them?

Yes. Here’s one. This popped up in my thread list this afternoon. And it wasn’t updated since August, so there’s no reason really for it to be back.

Unless I missed something, it doesn’t seem to be related to the quote thing where it’s shutting down quotes.

Another old thread/post dredged up.

Are they showing up at the bottom of threads you’re reading?

In the bottom? This one was in the middle. But that’s where they are showing up.

Screen shot one for us so we can see where it’s showing up. I’m not seeing either in the first few pages of threads when I look.

I’m thinking you’re talking about the suggested topics for you. That’s run by cookies I think.

It’s the list on the right side of my screen under my avi.


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