Syrian Refugee Thwarted in Terror Bomb Plot

We tried to say NO to accepting too many refugees from Syria too quickly. We were told not to worry and that they would be vetted.

So much for THAT.

Last line of FBI defense saves Pittsburgh Nigerian Congregation from an act of random human sacrifice.

FBI: Syrian Islamic State sympathizer in Pittsburgh planned to bomb North Side church | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

This is why we need immigration reform and to take this issue very seriously. president Trump is trying his best. Time for Congress to step up.


This is what I find interesting about this era.

Depending on the situation, the FBI is seen as the Deep State or as the last line of defense.

Some bits from the article.

Mr. Alowemer planned to blow up a tiny church called Legacy International Worship Center on Wilson Avenue, according to the FBI, with the help of someone he thought was another Islamic State member but who turned out to be an undercover FBI employee.

He met with the employee and another FBI source several times in recent months as the plot developed and in June drove both of them to the church to show them the target and decide where to place a homemade backpack bomb, according to a federal complaint.

In March, he began communicating online with a covert FBI employee who posed as an Islamic State “brother.” In those conversations, all in Arabic, he said he wanted to “answer the call for jihad,” wanted to meet other Islamic State members and offered to provide information about targets in Pittsburgh.
In April, the covert FBI employee put him in contact with an undercover FBI employee and another person described in the complaint as a confidential source.

The FBI employee gave him a cell phone for future secure communications and Mr. Alowemer offered to drive the two FBI operatives around Pittsburgh to look at potential targets.

He also drove the FBI operatives to the church to case it and said he would conduct further surveillance on his bicycle to check on security cameras and the best spot to place the bomb.

I am glad that the FBI caught someone who was wanting to do harm to innocents before he was able to carry these things out.

Just keep in mind the timeline though.

When you say immigration reform, you mean a Muslim ban, right?

I guess once again it’s good to remind everyone that your chance to die in a terrorist attack by a refugee is like 1 in 3 billion.

What are the chances of getting killed by an angry white dude? :thinking:

I think those who were responsible for “vetting” this individual should be publicly exposed and immediately fired. They should never have the opportunity to make a mistake like this again.

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Obviously we need immigration reform so that we can vet people a few years before they radicalize.

ETA: lol, and Smyrna already beat me. So predictable.

How do you vet someone who hasn’t radicalized yet?

The point is that we KNEW this was a bad idea for this very reason.

The vetting was incomplete. There were no records from war torn Syria.

You can see how wonderfully appreciative this 21 year old was for his chance at life in the USA.


You don’t accept refugees where this is a question. There are plenty of refugees that do not have this potential.

Syrians had no records and the Obama administration brought them anyway.


Why do “we” want to even take the chance? Tell me? What’s in it for us? A potential radical? I’ll pass.

What records would show someone radicalizing years later?

It’s that whole basic human decency and charity thing. Trying to save thousands of people from a horrible war. All that crap.

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Yeah, with the bodies of dozens of school children being a reasonable sacrifice at the alter of the 2nd amendment, I’m having a hard time showing any ■■■■■ about a non-attack by someone who radicalized years after bringing in refugees from a war torn country.

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We could have learned of his anti-Shia or pro ISIS sympathies prior to his enlightenment to human sacrifice.

His motivation was to support the Islamic State and inspire other sympathizers in the U.S. to join to together to commit similar crimes, the FBI said.

After rejecting other potential targets in Pittsburgh, including a Shia mosque, Mr. Alowemer chose the Wilson Avenue church to “take revenge for our [ISIS] brothers in Nigeria,” the complaint said. He described the church as Christian and Nigerian.

He was going to meet with his supposed collaborators one more time Wednesday to finalize plans for the attack, set for July, when agents took him into custody.

In that crap, is a target rich environment of mankind around the world that needs help. “We” do not need to take refugees from areas that are proven to be radical. It isn’t worth it unless…you personally promise to take them in and insure the rest of “we” won’t have a problem with bombs? You aren’t going to do it and your “feelings” should not cause others to have to bear your desired generosity.

What records would show this? What reason is there to believe he had these sympathies and they didn’t get recognized in the several interviews conducted in his vetting process?

That Second Amendment is what keeps us safe from the poor decisions of office holders like this one.

Stick to the discussion of immigration policy rather than Constitutional issues.


Universal background checks.

What records is right. There were none. Pretty stupid policy when we see how quick and easy this Jihadi wannabee turned.


Universal background checks.

It’s not charity.