Syria War Update

Which makes us so attractive to ally with. /sarcasm

Allies are overrated. Especially when they’re only allies out of convenience.

That didn’t take long…

Russia, Turkey ‘reach understanding’ on Syria after US pullout move

I hear you. When America needs local allies around the world, it’s going to be difficult.

Hey it is what it is. You can’t piss everyone off then expect everything to be fine.

Allies are not people who mess with you. They are people who rely on you and whom you rely on. You don’t cultivate allies by being untrustworthy.

By 2008, no US Bank would loan money to the Trump Organization. Why? Because they were unreliable. As Donald Trump Jr. stated at the time, this was no problem because they could access all the capital they needed from Russia.

As a candidate, Trump promised tor run the country like his business. Guess he’s keeping his promise on that one!

Yeah well, didn’t vote for him or Clinton. And you know what, I’m ok with it, because every vote matters, until it doesn’t. The rest of you people reap what you sow.

Then you go.

All it takes is money.

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Lame argument. Do better. That’d be like me complaining about a raid in Yemen that Trump ordered cause I think he should have been part of the raid.

It’s nothing like that.

It costs you nothing at all unless you go.

You want to help them, pack up and go.

It is a ridiculous argument. I don’t expect captain “personal Vietnam” bone spurs to put his life on the line for every military operation that happens. We’re discussing policy. I think abandoning SDF is a colossal mistake. I and others have listed why we think it’s a mistake.

I don’t expect him to either, he’s 70 something years old.

You want somebody to stay in that ■■■■ hole and save the unsavable; you go.

I gave at the office.

It’s not an argument at all, since you aren’t the one that has to do the work.

Some things you can’t buy.

Allies ain’t one of them.

They’re not allies if you bought them.

Of course they are if their guns are pointing the same way yours are.

But you have a nice life.

That doesn’t make them allies.

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: priceless.