Syria War-Idlib

So this is escalating. SAA is rolling through Idlib and totally bypassing Turkish observation points. They are meaningless now. They took Maraat al Numaan last week which means nothing here, but was huge. The Turks are sending in a lot of armor now. Get ready for the 4th incursion of the Turkish army into Syria to carve out something in Idlib to keep an area where the refugees can go.

I bring this up because if Turkey starts fighting Syria it can escalate fast.

Turkish military convoy enters rebel-held northwest Syria | Ahval

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If hostilities do escalate, Turkey will be able to handle Syria all by itself. I do agree that because they are a part of NATO, if they scream bloody murder and demand assistance, that could become an issue.

Do you think Iran or Russia would involve themselves in a conflict in Syria? Especially if NATO is participating along the margins? I don’t think Iran and Russia are going to risk becoming entangled with NATO, or to damage their relationship with Turkey.

Trump will threaten sanctions against Turkey and stop this war in its tracks.

In any case we won’t be involved. Trump is getting us out of the forever war in the Middle East.

They can’t invoke article 5 since this is an engagement they have willingly entered on their own on foreign soil.

It’s probably in our best interests however to have some presence on the ground to prevent the Turks from turning their guns on the Kurds.

This is a big campaign promise for me I hope he holds to it.

Trump has sobered up enough since election day to realize we cannot simply disengage militarily from the ME.

It doesn’t matter how much we wish the world was different but as long as a third of the world’s petroleum flows through the Str of Hormuz every day we have to remain engaged and keep them open.

To do otherwise guarantees all of the world’s leading industrial economies collapse within weeks of Iran getting full control.

Strategically having excess petroleum production at home protects us in that we will always have an adequate supply should we go to war but that doesn’t protect us from the economic fallout of the other leading industrial countries collapsing.

That’s comforting.:exploding_head:

Yeah not good. Syria killed a bunch of Turkish soldiers. Turkey is firing back from their observation posts:

Isn’t Turkey taking out what’s left of Obama’s Al Baghdadi terrorists?

I’m not even sure what you’re trying to say. Do you know anything about what’s going on in Syria?

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I saw pictures of that McCain having tea with Al Baghdadi the terrorist.

Perhaps you can explain to everyone why!

Yeah that’s not Baghdadi. But nice try. So you don’t know anything about what’s going on in Syria.

Are the same Russian collusion liars telling you that?:rofl:

Good luck with the fake news.:joy:

No. Fake news is that photo claiming that personi s Baghdadi and claiming Baghdadi was trained by the Israelis(scary Jews). You get that picture from Stormfront?

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The picture is worth a thousand words, McCain had tea with a terrorist, America wants to know why!

Why are you pushing fake news?

Stop spreading that dumb fake meme propaganda. Crap like that is un-American.

Sick. Freaky.

You keep clinging to those that pushed the Russian collusion hoax. Good luck :rofl::rofl:

Traitors all of them!

The guy behind Biden’s right shoulder is absolutely not Baghdadi and AB was never trained by the Israelis.

That they’d make such a claim to begin with even if there was an honest error in ID indicate it probably came from some Neo Nazi/ White Supremacist group.