Sweden's government said "no lockdown." The result?

Article from July 8th examining the results of Sweden’s decision to rely on citizens to police themselves and avoid lockdowns:


The result? Little to show in terms of minimizing economic damage to offset their increase in Swedish deaths:

“They literally gained nothing,” said Jacob F. Kirkegaard, a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics in Washington. “It’s a self-inflicted wound, and they have no economic gains.”

Sweden’s experience suggests that the binary choice of saving lives vs saving the economy is a false one.

Here is the main takeaway:

Sweden is exposed to the vagaries of global trade. Once the pandemic was unleashed, it was certain to suffer the economic consequences, said Kirkegaard, the economist.

“The Swedish manufacturing sector shut down when everyone else shut down because of the supply chain situation,” he said. “This was entirely predictable.”

What remained in the government’s sphere of influence was how many people would die.

With 130,000 American dead and confirmed cases spiking in multiple states, it is likely too late to mitigate the loss of life in states that re-opened prematurely. And, most likely, The United States is just as subject to those same global trade vagaries. In other words - there will be no discernible benefit to our economy, but government officials had a chance to save American lives by stressing the seriousness of the pandemic, promoting personal responsibility in adhering to CDC protocols (and demonstrating them in their personal behavior), and locking down properly the first time.

compared to the rest of Europe they are in dead last.

The virus is causing the economic issues, not a lockdown. People stopped traveling and going out to restaurants before any of the lockdowns took place. Disneyland shutdown before any lockdowns took place. If 10’s of thousands of people a day are catching COVID and hundreds a day are dying no one is going to go anywhere they don’t have to.

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In which metric ? Not in deaths per capita, they aren’t.

Something the article stressed, yes.

I dunno. Sweden hasnt been hit terribly hard and their death curve is distinctly on the low end after the initial uptick. Their cases are also trending downward. Best to reserve judgment till after 2nd wave numbers are in:

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It’s not that clear on the economy of Sweden and how remaining open had an effect since it is a global pandemic.

Sweden’s “rather less restrictive measures” had, the Commission said “helped cushion the immediate impact on the economy, particularly on domestically oriented branches”, but it said that the country’s economy had suffered nonetheless, because of the pandemic’s impact on its export-driven economy.

So basically the mom and pop stores, restaurants, etc, did better than most E.U. countries outside of Poland but since Sweden it is an export driven economy and the world is broke and has been sheltered in place they have felt the global economic pain like everyone else.

I think I would wait a few more months and see the stats, we still don’t know if a person can be reinfected or how long the antibodies last. For all we know Norway might be in Sweden’s positions this time next year and most of the Swedes developed immunity not sure if it will work but that was their plan to try and achieve herd immunity. I am a pessimist on covid-19 and I hope I am wrong but I don’t think we will see a safe vaccine and if we ever do it could be years down the road. We have heard about cases of these so called super spreaders come in and infect close to 100 people.



The globalists don’t care if it’s a safe vaccine or not. As long as they get paid for it and indemnified from it’s side-effects, they don’t care what it does to people who take it.

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There in luck then China just came out with the first vaccine, a company called CanSino Biologics, I am assuming since the stock didn’t move hardily and inch after the announcement little have faith in it. I would be damn if I would let them stick it in me, and I am by no way an anti-vaxxer but at least have common sense not take a medication speed rushed into production especially made in China. There not even saying the efficiency rate or how long the immunity will last although one report said roughly 28 days of immunity in monkeys.

This was one of the participates in the study.

Huang felt dizzy and experienced an increased heart rate as well as diarrhea after the shots, but recovered within a week.” Ya no thank you, I had the Coronavirus and by day 4-5 it was gone. I had a fever and tightness of chest but it went away fast I surely didn’t have to ■■■■ my pants while holding my chest from a pounding heart rate for a week from a vaccine from China who happened to be the originator of the disease as well as the cure, how convenient.


Yeah, looks like the OP and referenced article had a position to sell rather than reporting all the facts. That seems to be pretty much all the media from every viewpoint, these days.


I don’t understand why people don’t see this.

It is my two fondest hopes, that the entire world now begins to check labels on any item that they’re considering purchasing and not doing so, if it was made in China and the Chinese people over throw the evil communist regime?



Every country has had economic damage.

I admire that the citizens policed themselves.

From the article:

Here is one takeaway with potentially universal import: It is simplistic to portray government actions such as quarantines as the cause of economic damage. The real culprit is the virus itself. From Asia to Europe to the Americas, the risks of the pandemic have disrupted businesses while prompting people to avoid shopping malls and restaurants, regardless of official policy.

Sweden is exposed to the vagaries of global trade. Once the pandemic was unleashed, it was certain to suffer the economic consequences, said Kirkegaard, the economist.

“The Swedish manufacturing sector shut down when everyone else shut down because of the supply chain situation,” he said. “This was entirely predictable.

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Trump didn’t care if it’s safe to hold indoor rallies or not. As long as he gets his desired adulation and is immunized from its side-effects by requiring waivers, he doesn’t care what it does to people who attend.

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Trump rallies supply masks and sanitiser to whoever wants it. People choose to go, having been well-informed of the risks, and they are not forced to take in the rally.

The globalist don’t offer informed consent. They obscure the risks and want people to be forced to take the vaccine. Apples and oranges.

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Nice lib insert so as to legitimize those breaking every social distancing rule in the virus playbook. Niiiiice. :sunglasses:

I don’t think the protests were wise either. Quit assuming.

Trump can do no wrong.

…k :sunglasses:

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Trump needs to keep the rallies outdoors.

The protests showed him the way.


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