SWEDEN BURNING: Gangs Set Fire to 80 CARS, Attack Police During Night of Terror

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/sweden-burning-gangs-set-fire-to-80-cars-attack-police-during-night-of-terror/

A “gang of youths” clad in black masks set fire to at least 80 cars in Sweden late Monday night; terrorizing residents in “several cities” in what government officials said looked like a “coordinated military operation.”

According to the BBC, the attacks occurred mostly in the west of the country, with Swedish Prime Minister saying “It looks like very coordinated, almost like a military operation."

“The masked young people broke car windows before pouring flammable liquids inside, Swedish media said. They were also seen throwing stones at police officers,” writes the BBC. “Despite the damage to property, there have been no reports of any injuries.”

Funny how they made a point not to identify who they are.

Except for one article it said dark hair youngsters that have set the fires.

Ulla Brehm also stated that witnesses have described ‘dark-haired youngsters’ as having started the fires before fleeing.

Interesting how they refuse to mention who is doing it…meanwhile using cod word like economic inequality instead of calling it what it really is.

I suggest if you think you know the identities of the 80 scum sucking thugs please do contact the Swedish authorities.

Well they didn’t say witness describing blonde hair now did they?

Tell us what it really is.

What I also read is the perps were definitely trying to conceal their identities.

They were reportedly wearing masks, under hoodies, and with hats on, at night.

Some few witnesses described “dark-haired youths” as taking part in the arson and vandalism.

How one could tell the color of their hair when the thugs were wearing concealing clothing is an interesting question. Perhaps it is as simple as that not all of them were equally hidden? Or perhaps their hair just looked dark because of the time of night.

Likely they were members of some gang(s).

Perhaps, possibly (most likely) non natives of Sweden.

Still, you don’t know the identities of the arsonists.

I wonder if they’re related to the London terrorist who just drove a car into people on the sidewalk?