SWAMP STRIKES BACK: Conservative Immigration Bill FAILS, 41 Republicans Vote AGAINST | Sean Hannity

The House of Representatives successfully killed a conservative immigration bill Thursday afternoon, setting the stage for a potential vote on Speaker Paul Ryan’s “compromise” package that could provide a pathway to citizenship for the nation’s ‘Dreamers.’

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I would like to know why 41 GOP congressmen voted against Goodlatte’s bill. It had everything the President asked for in Immigration. I want know who owns these 41 GOP congressmen. I want their names. I realize any bill the POTUS likes will be shot down in the Senate by the TRAITOR Democrats in the Senate. There is absolutely no way the Dems in the Senate actually represent their constituents wishes. There is no way there are that many TRAITORS in the US represented by these Dem Senators.

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The Establishment includes Republicans. Come on people. President Trump exposed the conspiracy, we cannot afford to let this opportunity escape us. This is a critical moment in our history where we can save our children from a communist future.

http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/these-are-the-41-republicans-who-killed-the-goodlatte-immigration-reform-bill?ref=hvper.com here is the list of turds😡

what does the GOP who voted against this bill have in common with the National Socialist Party or the Demorat party??? ANSWER: EVERYTHING. what you are doing is giving controls back to the socialist to stop our country from being the best she can be. Note: the demorats are now an evil party----but notice how they all stick together—that lesson should be learned by the GOP who are ruining our chances to get America where she belongs. WHY??? THE DEMORATS AND ANTI TRUMP GOP MEMBERS 1. DON’T WANT WORLD PEACE 2. DON’T WANT A GROWING ECONOMY 3. DON’T WANT A SOLUTION TO THE IMMIGRATION PROBLEM. As a vet I have to ask myself why I served with these anti American DC members selling us out for personal gain.