Suspected Russian spy found working at US embassy in Moscow

So, she worked at our embassy for a decade and had access to secret data.

Yeah, that’s not good.

hang on. i’m gonna go back and rename this thread to “Iranian Spy Worked In US Embassy During Obamanation” to see if anyone is interested.


This isn’t a surprise to anyone or shouldn’t be. Infiltrating our embassy’s through local hires has been part and parcel of Russian Intel op’s going all the way back to the pre WWII era.

Oh, well that’s fine then. Nothing to see here, right?

If you just started looking at that stuff, you probably think it’s never happened before.

Some of us have been paying attention for 30 years. Got to see some funny FBI vids too of our guys picking up their agents here. You are like a naked baby in the woods when it comes to intelligence issues.

No, deal with it just like we have dealt with all of the others over the years.

The bigger issue is how the Secret Service’s number one priority was to cover their ass and not let this get out that they screwed up. This seems to be a reoccurring theme in government?

Thanks Hildawg and Obama

How will this be spun that it’s all Trump’s fault?

It will be just flat out said.

yeah, i should have faked it and used Iran in the title. then i’d at least get some concern for our own country.

Decade = 10 years.

For the love of God tell me HOW Trump was responsible for her being hired and access to secrets before he was even thinking of running for president.

This should be interesting.

Looks to me like she was hired on Obama’s watch, and wasn’t discovered on Obama’s watch.

I can’t tell you…yet? Keep your eyes and ears open today and the MSM will tell ya.:sunglasses:

Russians are pretty much the best at intelligence/counterintelligence. Literally. I think most former intelligence officers would agree. France, UK, USA(at FBI and CIA level) have all had many deep penetration moles. Sad.

Just Russia? (I know that you already know the answer to that. I’m just using your post as springboard to the larger point.)

I think my favorite part of this thread, about a Russian mole in OUR embassy who was in constant contact with FSB for a decade and had access to our embassy’s email system, intranet and things like past and current President and Vice Presidents schedules, is the Trump Republicans who rushed in to defend Trump (even though he wasn’t mentioned in the OP).

To use a Southern phrase, “It don’t git much bettr’n that”.

You’ll be ok sunshine.

Uncle Trump will keep the big, bad russian boogie man away from you.

Don’t you worry your dainty little self about it.

Another post about Trump.

Well yeah, he’s the hot topic around these parts lately.

Haven’t you been paying attention?

Gosh, you mean countries spy on each other… Who would have thunk it… Why didn’t the “O’ flexible” admin find her?

Good thing the Trump admin is on the job…