Susan Collins example of how government is bought

So Senator Collins is upset because average voters banned together and pooled money to fund her opponent in next election. This is some next level insane that even bought and paid for Clinton did not even try. It ok for her to take money from rich donors buy it wrong for people to use the corrupt system for themselves. And not just her but most of media and other elected officials who are having vapors over this.

I wonder if Collins is going to support getting money out of politics.

That’s why govt should be small… It’s almost always corrupt.

You didn’t read the article, did you?

A nonsense story…

Why do you think the Dems in Congress, make extra money and are richer than the Republicans in congress?

My only issue with the 3 million is how will they comply with FEC rules and regulations on if they are a citizen, if they have donated max amount to a candidate. Even if it is a PAC they are funding, still have to prove each donnor is a US Citizen. I don’t think Go Fund Me asks that before you donate.

I see a HUGE can of worms doing it this way.

No that is what dark money is, you don’t have to disclose to public who donors are. This is why most DC and DC media are running with this is a bad thing. Because it draws too much attention to the silent corruption most people ignore in DC.

This is what you all wanted with a majority corporate bought and paid for SC. Stand by for more cases now that allow corporations to buy more politicians.

No, this isn’t “dark money”. The donations go to a 527 PAC, all donations are reported to the FEC and limited by normal campaign donation rules.

Where did you come up with “Go Fund Me”?

The donations are through CrowdPAC.

Is that true? Do you have a link?

Its not true. The wealth of members of Congress is pretty evenly spread between the parties.

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My mistake. But if it complies with FEC rules (limits and citizen) and doesn’t co-ordinate with her campaign I don’t have any issues.

That is too bad people don’t have a issue with money buy votes in the US.

It appears, at this point in time, the donations will go directly to the campaign. Theres no issue about “coordination”. It is not completely clear at the moment.

If it was intended for an Independent Expenditure, there would be no limit for contributions.

These donations are not going to Collins, they’re going to her hypothetical opponent.

I don’t think a PAC can contribute directly to the campaign.

Duncan Hunter’s negative net worth throws off the curve.

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Senator Collins is one of the few Republicans who I still like.

You are thinking of “Super PACs”. This is a specific fund administered by a “traditional” PAC.

The PAC is collecting individual donations for a campaign fund, which will go directly to the campaign account of whoever runs opposing Collins. As long as they follow FEC rules regarding from who and how much they collect, those donations will pass directly to the campaign.

Of course, that means that anyone who donated to this fund cannot later donate to the campaign.

Issa evens it out on the other end.

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Looks like the MOST the pac can give to the actual campaign of whatever opponand they pick is $5,000 during the primary and $5,000 during the general election.

The rest they would have to spend without coordiation with her campaign.

In terms of donations from the PAC itself, that would be correct.

But that’s not where these donations are going. They’re going to an ear-marked fund.

It’s the same as donating directly to the campaign - except without knowing who the candidate will be.