Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski should be primaried

If they oppose a new Supreme Court judge, for whatever reason, thus preventing Roe vs Wade to be overturned then these RINO’s have no business being in the Senate.

No need to be PC here, get a challenger true conservatives can really trust, most likely a man. Let Democraps pander to their base (Hollywood, illegals, commies) with women of color.

Susan Collins is a Senator from a blue state. A hard right-wing candidate would not be able to win that state.

Lisa Murkowski ended up getting primaried back in 2010, but she ended up winning that election as a write-in candidate.

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A hard right candidate can’t win in Maine.

Collins isnt up till 2020…I mean you can try to remove her but she is fairly popular up there. Good luck on that one.

Sure you can remove roe v wade but the backlash will be fairly bad

Susan Collins is completely safe in supporting a pro-life nominee that will overturn Roe v. Wade. She said she will oppose any nominee who is openly hostile to the ruling.

No nominee, none, zero, zilch, nada, nadie, will act in any way even remotely openly hostile to Roe v. Wade (or anything, really) during the confirmation process.

Collins has set a line in the sand that will never be approached, let alone crossed.

Whatever happens after confirmation is irrelevant. She will be secure in the knowledge that she showed bark to her pro-choice fans and no teeth to the conservatives.

It’s a win all around except for privacy rights and stare decisis.

I’ve posted it before and I’ll post it again.

80% of people think abortion should be legal in some form. Why would a politician pander to the viewpoint of less than a quarter of the population?

Good luck with your dream wish, OP.

I’m curious, does the OP live in either Alaska or Maine.
If not, how does that constitutional conservative justify sticking his nose into business that is none of his.

Oh, I know. I think it’s insane that any party would think it’s appropriate in a democracy/republic (whatever you want to call it) to push such an unpopular agenda. The same people crying bloody murder about “activist judges” think this is OK.

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I used to think the Republicans weren’t for activist judges, but they love them.

And they all want government to stay out of our personal lives. Unless of course it is needed to accomplish their goal.

It is one thing to be PC. It is although another thing to be honest.

i could see collins switching ot the democratic party

So you think Trump should be primaried, right?

How dare these women take a stand on Women’s rights. That’s disgusting. Yes, let’s get a “man” in there.

Exactly. No prospect worth spit would ever comment on any case that MAY come before them.

I can tell you love kids…

If she did, she would lose her next election.

Did you come up with that all on your own. How original. Did you just come from a Tea Party meeting and are all fired-up.

Following the Constitution is activism. Only in minds of the leftist.