Survivor of the Luby's Cafeteria shooting addresses Congress

In 1991, a man slammed his car into a popular cafeteria in Texas, pulled out a gun and began shooting. This testimony from one of the survivors, Suzanna Gratia Hupp, - later a member of the Texas legislature - who lost both of her parents that day, is a very powerful defense of the 2nd Amendment, IMHO.

Have you got a link?

The lady who got carry passed in Texas. Not only did she lose her parents, she was there.

I think he might have looked at the date.

How is this incident possible? I mean none of this started before Trump right? :wink:

She helped put an end to gun violence and mass shootings by calling for more guns.

She campaigned heavily to get concealed carry passed in Texas to prevent mass shooting like the one her parents died in at Luby’s. Concealed carry has been legal in Texas since 1995. We have had numerous mass shooting since then. How many were stopped by someone with a concealed carry permit?

Somebody held a fellow with a rifle, a hundred rds of ammo and a bullet proof vest till the police got there(with a pistol) just yesterday in Springfield, missouri. Believe he was outside a wal mart if my memory is correct.

Twas in the headlines this morning. It happens far more often than the anti gun folks want to admit.


So he was open carrying in a Walmart… Isn’t that legal in Missouri?

You think that’s all he was up to do you? No way of knowing that.

Carry permits have broken up a number of mass shootings underway.

One was in a church just a few miles from here. A shooter entered the church and started shooting. A member ran to the car got his handgun and came back ,shot and wounded the attacker.Held him for the police. Kept it from getting much worse.

Amazing. How many people had the guy shot before he was detained by the good citizen?

Better question is how many did he intend to shoot?

You think the guy intended to shoot people? That he wasn’t just an overzealous open carry ■■■■■■■■ One who was was testing the limits of his fellow citizens’ tolerance but not testing the limits of the law?

There may be examples of concealed carry stopping mass shooters, but that isn’t one of them.

There’s no way of knowing his intentions. The church example i gave was of a permit holder stopping a shooting in progress. You ignored that one of course.

Permit holders do save lives some times.

Hundreds of rounds of ammunition, And a bullet proof vest. He wasn’t going squirell hunting. Intentions pretty clear. Unless you( collective) are a moron!

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In my post I literally acknowledged that there may be examples of permit holders stopping mass shootings. This Walmart case is not one of them.

Indeed, you are advocating for the ability of any citizen to apprehend another citizen merely because their intentions are unclear. The Walmart guy was within the law.

He was a complete ■■■■■■■■ but legally do.

It’s probably best to stick to the church example.

Hard to say, I wouldn’t expect people who wanted to murder a bunch of people to be very vocal about how the idea that some of them might be capable of returning fire caused then to change their mind. Any more than all the would be burglars who decide it’s not a good idea because the homeowner may be armed make that decision public.

But here are some examples of armed citizens stopping them or limiting the carnage.

Meh bit early to make that call.

I view the “open carry” whackos about the same as I hope the left views Antifa.

They have the right to do what they do, but they do it in such a manner that it hurts rather than helps their cause. Both lack common sense.


Odd how people work against their own interests, isn’t it.