Survey: Posting and Reading Posts Here

Okay, I’m a curious soul. (Or nosy, whatever you prefer. :grinning:)

I’m curious about how people use these message boards and what they get out of it.

So I’ve put together a few questions.

How did you get here?
How did you first learn of the Hannity forums?

Do you come to our host’s site to read his site, or just for the forums?


  1. Do you come to these forums to read and not post? (In other words, I’m asking lurkers out there to de-lurk for a couple of minutes and respond.)

If you don’t post, why not?

  1. Do you start your own threads regularly and if so, what prompts you to start a thread, or do you strictly respond to the threads of others. If that’s the case, what makes you respond. (This is assuming you’re an infrequent poster).

  2. If you start a new post, how do you decide on your thread title? Do you vent your frustration or do you make it an informative title so people know what the topic of the thread is.

  3. What would you say your percentage of responses are in a thread - mostly informative…mostly just mocking the stance of the posters within the thread because they’re of a different political stripe…

  4. Did the relaxation of rules about interacting with other posters, a couple of years ago, bring you back to the boards or disappoint you?

Reading Posts

  1. If someone starts a new thread, do you read it regardless of who posted it? Does the topic have to interest you or do you read all threads started?

  2. What length is a thread before you will not read through it, but rather perhaps read the OP and then scroll all the way to the bottom and just start reading the thread onward from there? Or if you’re new to a thread and its hundreds of posts long, will you start at the beginning and read all the posts?