Surveillance Footage of Outside of Epstein’s Jail Cell Is Missing, Prosecutor Admits


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While libs cheer on their demogods for getting away with all this, social media is actually trying to be productive for a change.

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Perhaps the failed attempt footage would provide context (procedural routines) that were lacking during the actual suicide.

Has anyone other than the lowest ranking scumbags in this whole debacle been arrested yet? :thinking:

17 “errors” were committed. No bias.


That’s just a coincidence 17 times in a row. It’s totally normal, like a low-hung bed sheet fracturing the thyroid cartilage in two places along with the hyoid bone. :man_shrugging:


Well…that’s because the mistakes went both ways. Oh…wait :wink:

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No better way to start the afternoon like a good old fashioned crackpot wingnut conspiracy theory. Some of you guys are beginning to sound like loons.

Bill Barr is doing a very good job protecting Trump.

This is obvious. Bill Barr is doing a very perfect job.

And a bad one at that lol… Clinton’s control nothing in the government, but Bill did it.

Trump controls the DoJ and was Buddies with Epstein, but he didn’t do it. :joy:

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It you could just have fun with it.

Orange Man pleased.

And they all went one way towards Epstein dangling…no bias here.

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Please review the name at the upper-left of your screen.

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Who controls federal prisons?

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Orange Man dancing and partying with his pal Jeff. What are they chatting about?

Spot on.