Surprisingly Strzok has already raised 30k for lost wages and legal fees. Who would support this cause?

No, I’ve been waiting for you kids to bring up a challenge…still waiting. You accused President Trump of lying, remember?

What exactly do you think you’ll expose?

Just, the ignorance, of the misinformed.

When you post something straight up absurd like that :point_up:

I cannot take you seriously since you are just trolling, I am done with you thanks for the laugh :joy:

If I were you, I know I would give up. Nice effort though. You actually didn’t bring up one legit issue.

Have you read his profile biography? Dude has some serious personal responsibility issues. Everything that’s gone wrong in his life is someone else’s fault.

I think its just a 100% troll account, I did get baited though :sweat_smile:

You brought nothing and left with nothing, have a nice night.


10 char

Oh come on. You are seriously blaming Hillary’s defeat to the worst R nominee in our lifetimes on “Republican media”?

I assume you mean Fox news. On a great night they get 3 million viewers. And I’m sure of those 3 million, at least 2 and 1/2 are people who would never vote D anyway.

she’s far superior if we only get a president that doesn’t lie on Twitter 19 times a day, doesn’t piss off our allies, doesn’t start trade wars that crush some Americans and doesn’t get in bed with Putin.

as i said, it’s gonna take Americans a long time to admit that. they’ve been too programmed.

what else are the Trump Republicans gonna do? they’re pretty much out of options unless they say blatantly crazy stuff like “Trump doesn’t lie”. that’s like something the lying Trump would say about himself.

it’s almost similar to, “like father, like son”.

i’m blaming us getting stuck with Trump on the people that voted for him and those that voted third party. if those people were influenced by 30 years of coverage, then they were influenced.

Hillary wouldn’t be in bed with Putin. She wouldn’t be constantly attacking Americans and lying on Twitter. She wouldn’t have pissed off our traditional allies. She wouldn’t be paying off porn stars and playboy bunnies. She wouldn’t be attacking American companies like Harley.

Trump is friggin mess and YOU post about it pretty much every day. It’s time that people start admitting that she was far superior.

Now, I only expect that to happen maybe 10 years from now. After, you know, 10 more years of Trump’s childish and false tweets and lying, cheating and stealing.

Quit complaining and go get a job. The whining is all I see you do. Get real dude. Get a life, your not going to win over anyone with your nasty attacks and trolling all day. Sheesh…

your trolling isn’t even very good. here’s some advice. don’t describe your favorite politician while trolling (like you did with that last sentence). here is a better argument (that a lot of Trump Republicans have adopted)…

yeah, he lies but he’s getting the 2-3 things i want done (SCJ, muslim ban and the wall).

see how easy that is? it just takes a little thought.

He does get things done, and that is because he really does care for the country. He appeals to half of the people in this country who remember why we were once the bastion of hope. Now most are clueless of what hope is, let alone the foundation of that hope.

We had tariffs on China before the Clinton’s got in the white house, and if Billy didn’t open up free trade with them, they wouldn’t be a major threat to us.

China is an evil dictatorship exploiting its billions for slave labor. We should never have even trade with that.

Too late.


See, you went off the rails again. Let me show you how it’s done again.

Sure, Trump lies and he cares about himself but he’s also a capitalist and the economy is doing great. Unemployment continues to fall so if we have to have an egomaniac in charge of the country to get the things going again (that are the most important) then so be it.

Come on dude, this stuff isn’t hard.

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Going to work, enjoy your day…

Going golfing. I will.