Surprise! Colin Kaepernick is the new face of Nike


Watching their stock lose over 4.2bn overnight as a result of this decision gave me the biggest laugh I’ve had in many years.

It shows Nike has no values at all and will do anything for a buck. It also shows just how stupid a decision it was and I hope it costs them dearly far into the future.


It isn’t even possible to have a serious conversation about race when one side bases their arguments on lies.


People complain about Collin Kaepernick kneeling still and other players need to flip it on these players.
That historically Taking A Knee has been viewed as great humility.
You Kneel before a King or Queen it is a symbolic gesture of fealty and allegiance. You kneel in prayer to the god. Dr. King during one of his civil disobedience shows him kneeling and praying with a group of people.

The problem is that Kaepernick was not that smart of a man considering he wore a t-shirt of a Communist who was a dictator but also shame on all the other people for not turning it on all these foot players and applauding them for showing real fealty and Allegiance to the flag of the united states.

Now with that said I don’t think Kaepernick really sacrificed everything for Kneeling. a family who’s Son, Husband, father (Daughter, Wife, Mother) who lost the soldiers is the ones who are really sacrificing everything.


Some of you are still mad about this!!! Well, to repeat the phrase that has been told to people who look like me during the past few decades, “GET OVER IT…”

  • Nike is a global giant, so these jackasses boycotting Nike and burning Nike products(products they already purchased from Nike) is not going to put a dent in the companies bottom-line
  • Kaep’s initial message will continue to live
  • Kaep is going to still get paid despite the hate

There is not too much you all can do about it because many of you are not built for protesting as it relates to social issues, so once again, “GET OVET IT”. :smile:


I sold a few days too early as it hits an all time high Rats…and I think I was sooooooo smart…



are you still laughing as Nike Market cap has made that back and added some more?



Here, you can laugh some more then.


No it wont, no you wont. Your faux rage will only last as long as its politically expediaent to be.


Oops. Angry old white men are even angrier now. :laughing:



Nike’s not stupid. The future of America looks a lot more like Colin Kaepernick than it does Curt Schilling.



How was it a stupid decision? It’s made them trucks full of money so far


Double boycott!!!


They’ve barely made back what they lost plus a little more.

it’s early yet.


Nike to the narrow-minded ass-backward bigots of America: (in capital letters) ■■■■ you! :us:


If they lost $4.2Bn when the stock went from 82.20 to 79.60 then that means they not only made that back but made another $2Bn on top of that with the stock at (an all time high) 83.49.

And then there was the 31% increase in internet sales


Six straight closings at record highs. Highest in 53 years. Once again, you have no idea what you’re talking about.


I’m a conservative in this for the long haul.

It’s not a boycott, it is a choice. They no longer exist in my world.


Not today Satan. Nice try though. A bunch of conservatives burning their shoes is pretty funny I grant. I still ain’t buying your damn shoes.