Surprise! Colin Kaepernick is the new face of Nike


Some good words here.


I’m no mind reader.


Why don’t you say what you mean when you attempt to make a point?


My point was clear. Everyone got it except you.


How do you know, did you take a poll?


Yes, no one needed an explanation to what I was saying but you. The poll results are clear.


Maybe no body else cared what you were saying except me. Abstentions are not votes.


Its sad we can’t have a serious talk about race relations in America, and for that fact Canada (Whites/Natives).


Buy on rumors (Nike revenues crash because of Kaep Ad)
Sell on News (sales up 31%)

Thats a tried and true formula.



Surprise, Colin Kaepernick is the new face of sweat shop labor.


And no conservatives protested that issue… they protested kneeling for racial injustice


I didn’t, so there’s that.


Nah, Ivanka still is.


Maybe Nike and Ivanka can team up.


Yeah, but then its pretty hard to remain serious when you are constantly being accused of being a racist for disagreeing with the politically correct element in the conversation.


Nike is continued to get hammered due to blowback from the boycott.



Typical senile old Trump supporter. Trumpist Brain Wasting is a real thing.


Maybe this was fat donald’s strategy all along. You know, 3rd dimensional chess and all that jazz.


Its not really surprising there is an immediate bump. Cop haters and those who buy into the lies being pumped out by the left about cop violence and Kaepernick are rushing to buy Nike stuff online which is going to cause an immediate bump. The boycott by the rest of us will be a long term thing. Will the cop hate crowd continue supporting Nike at the levels they are now or will it taper off to back to normal for them in months or a year? Meanwhile will the cop supporters ever buy Nike again? I know I’ll never buy anything Nike again even though I love their shoes (their running shoes by far fit my feet better than any I’ve tried) and my eyeglass frames are Nike. It’ll be in a couple of years when we’ll know if the supporters or boycotters had a more serious long term effect.