Surprise! Colin Kaepernick is the new face of Nike


Trump snowflakes on the internet get outraged when you drink your beer? That’s something.


Round these parts, they dont even play the anthem at jv and frosh events, and this is in the middle of blood red Kansas. In fact they dont play it at varsity track and field or cross country events, nor golf.


There is absolutely no reason to have a flag or anthem at any sporting event, except to attract a minority of fans of the sort who would also demand that kindergartners stand every morning in school and, without understanding the words coming out of their mouths, pledge allegiance to their country.

Some of that subset are insecure, fearful, authoritarian types who need to observe others performing these compulsory gymnastics–because, I don’t know, commies? Respect the flag because they command they do so?

The owners of these teams want to attract these folks, so they toss in the anthem and flag. Sells tickets. Nothing more or less.

Anyone who thinks this is about patriotism or love of country or respect for veterans is fooling themselves.

NFL owners provide the song and dance for profit.

And then an NFL player decides to risk millions of dollars to protest this foolishness in order to bring attention to our nation’s oppression of black people and people of color, as well as police brutality–you know, issues of actual importance.

And naturally, rage ensues to protect one of our most trivial cultural mores.

My rant isn’t directed at you, Apocalypto, but your post inspired my tangent.


Sure, if you want to hang the entire responsibility for a club’s record on the quarterback, that’s fine. When I watch a game, which isn’t often, I see other players on the field. I also understand that there are coaches involved who are responsible for the training, conditioning, and play calling. I absolve them all.

In any case, he wasn’t remotely the worst quarterback in football in the last year he played, and yet the inferior quarterbacks had jobs and he didn’t. Funny, that.



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He also loves cop killers. He donated $25,000 to a charity supporting fugitive and wanted cop killer Assata Shakur. Shakur was part of a terrorist group that killed multiple cops back in the 1970’s and fled to Cuba to avoid arrest and still resides there since Cuba won’t extradite her.


The majority of the posters here that are mad at Kaepernick are probably the same ones who give nothing to charity, dont stand for the anthem when watching the game at home and drive by homeless veterans every day and dont give them ****. Spare us your faux outrage.


From what I gather, Assata Shakur’s autobiography is a pretty big deal in black feminist theory. I’ve seen her book in the local Barnes and Noble, I think. I’d appreciate more input from forumers who know more about her.

As for Assata’s Daughters, they’re affiliated with Black Lives Matter, and some of their goals for donations include a cop watch program–something that big cities certainly need, in my opinion–a workshop for teenagers, as well as maintenance of a local Chicago garden and library. They also actively engage in protests.

Of course, I see a half-dozen rightwing sites that are running with it like they’re on fire.

My view of it purely practical. What is the group actually doing? Protesting? Great. Workshops to inform teenagers? I like it. Garden, library: same reaction.

To take this issue to the furthest extreme, as well as simplifying it quite a bit, if a community organization whose sole goal was to provide food and medicine to homeless people had the unfortunate name Hitler’s Kids, I’d consider donating to it.


I still think he’s half mushroom.



You wish you had a head of hair like that.


Looks like he was. It’s already back up to $82.10 and Nike was able to use the free advertising to increase sales 31% over the Labor Day weekend.


Yes, that and reveal his true feelings.


Are you kidding? Not that someone might not have done so, but I have never ever heard of anybody standing for the Anthem at home regardless of the reason it is aired.


A lot of people feel that way. A lot of police deserve it.


It’s more like Nike cashed in on Trumps stupidity at this point.


Define “a lot” … in both sentences.


Dictionary meaning.


Ten, twenty, fifty, one hundred? How many people out of 320 million are “a lot”? How many cops out of 765,000 cops are “a lot”? The dictionary doesn’t say.


You’re making my point for me. People dont stand at home but its unpatriotic if I dont stand at the game?? Pay attention.


*“Two super-contagious diseases, fear and greed, will forever occur in the investment community. The timing of these epidemics will be unpredictable. … We simply attempt to be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy only when others are fearful.”