Surprise! Colin Kaepernick is the new face of Nike


Despite my moral and ethical values, this is still funny…


Meh. You don’t have to like it.


What you did you can literally say about anything

“Lady with breast cancer, survives” but did you die in the line of duty?
“Man with prostate cancer, survives” but did you die in the line of duty
“MLK March on Washington” he’s not brave he didn’t die in the line of duty
“Rosa Park, refusing to give up her seat” she’s not brave, did she did in the line of duty?

Those brave people you posted can be brave without comparing them to Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick can be brave in his own right and not be compared to people who died in the line of duty.


I mean…Kaepernick has been doing this type of stuff even when he was playing. During his bye weeks, he spoke at a youth camp he started.

Like you said, he doesn’t just talk-he backs it up. He’s the EXACT type of role model that a lot of people, including those complaining about him now, have said the NFL lacked for years. And they were perfectly content to watch a bunch of “thugs” who beat their wives, abuse drugs, dog fight, etc. play football as long as the NFL pretended to care every now and then. Now you’ve got a dude who stands up for his beliefs both on and off the field, and lives up to the stand he makes by helping those less fortunate, and he’s shunned for it.

And I say this as someone who hasn’t kept up with the NFL in about 15 years, and as someone who sided with the NFL/against the government in the whole Redskins name debacle.


Why arent told that hypocrites who kneel at the anthem that the football pitch and the event generally isnt a stage for them to use it for their political protests? If they want to express their political views, then they should do it on an apropriate platform, join some resistance rallies, BLM, etc. They force the people on that way to be confronted with politics at an event they have payed for to be entertained.


The exact kind of role model who admits he doesn’t bother to vote. Yet he feels entitled to an opinion.

And as to the others. Many boycotted the NFL over allowing dog killer Mike Vick back.

How many downs has Ray "Punched his girlfriend unconcious Rice played since the incident? Zero!!!

As to other like Ezekiel Ellitot. Yeah he probably abused a woman but he was never charged. Yet he was suspended six games.

The league took heat over not suspending Rueben Foster. His girlfriend would later testify she lied about all the abuse. I take that recant with a grain of salt since most abuse victims will recant but what is the league supposed to do? Suspend on something now claimed to be lies?

Kaepersuck committed no crimes. He was by all accounts a model teammate. He’s a much better person than Mike Vick, Ray Rice, Ezekiel Elltiot, and Rueben Roster. But he’s started a nationwide protest against police based on lies. He and BLM would have you believe that cops are killing unarmed black men every single day in cities across the country. In reality as documented by the Washington Post its a total of less than 2 a month nationwide and most are clearly justified. That is why I hate Kaepersuck, he is promoting the lies that are getting cops killed. The blood of the five assassinated Dallas cops on July 7, 2016 is directly on the hands of BLM and people like Kaepernick as their lies inspired the shooter to kill cops.


Right. Then they’re called thugs, get tazzed, and then arrested. You guys shouldn’t even care after the shameful spectacle trump pulled last weekend.


A role model? Wears socks where cops are pictured as pigs. A guy who funds someone who shot and killed a New Jersey cop, who was convicted of murder and fled to Cuba. Where he commends Fidel Castro who imprisoned and murdered many people, and has enslaved millions of blacks and took away freedoms Read ‘Against all Hope’ by Armando Valladares ) to see Kaepernick’s hero in action. But Kaepernick commended him for his ‘education’ achievements. And he supports the obliteration of millions of black babies because of his support for ‘pro-choice’ organzations that are heavily invested in killing innocent black babies at a higher rate than white babies. Yea, some role model.

Besides that in the Super Bowl, gets it the 5 yard line, first and goal from the 5, and he goes 0 for 3 in passing he was a choker in the clutch anyway. After that he went precipitously downhill anyway and he lost his starting spot because he was no longer a good quarterback.


He was never really a good QB. He was merely a good piece in a gimmick offense that briefly took the NFL by storm. The year the 49ers went to the Superbowl was the year that the read option play came from college to take the NFL by storm. Like the Wildcat offense back in 2008 it was hard to defend for a while because NFL defenses weren’t used to it. Like the Wildcat defenses eventually adjusted and it lost its effectiveness.

For those who don’t follow football the read option is basically a play where you don’t know until the defense commits one way or the other whether the RB or the QB will run the ball as they delay the handoff til the defense commits. It takes an athletic QB, which Kaepersuck was, to do it - in other words Tom Brady never runs this play because he’s super slow. Passing skills are secondary to running skills in this offense and Kaepersuck was a a good runner.

It eventually lost effectiveness like the Wildcat because the read option has a lot of QB running the ball which gets your passer hurt a lot so outside of Carolina where Cam Newton is actually bigger than most linebackers it quickly went out of favor. That forced QB’s who were great in the read option to start throwing the ball and this is where Kaepersuck struggled because he’s a very inaccurate passer unlike slow as molasses Tom Brady who has a cannon arm and pinpoint accuracy.

Kaepersuck went 1-11 in his last year starting. In his last game he threw for a total of 5 yards through three quarters of play because he sucked that bad. The opposing team QB was Matt Barkely, who is a career backup, and threw for over 200 yards so don’t blame the snow (it was snowing and many have tried to deflect from Kaepersuck’s putridness by pointing out the snow). Anything over 10 yards and Kaepersuck was wildly inaccurate which is why he isn’t a starting caliber QB.

Oh but supposedly its collusion not his lack of ability. Barring his Tim Tebow level of media distraction he’d still be worthy of a backup spot but like Tebow he’s a media circus like no other and no coach wants to put up with that when there are many other equal backups out there without the circus.


pretty much


Opinion noted.


This Trump economy is so good, even Kaepernick has a job. Thanks Trump!


Why do you think it’s up to you to determine what an appropriate platform is?

This is the conservative statism that so disgusts me as a conservative.


And liberals could of course point out Donald Trump being elected, drop the mic, retire and live off the residuals for life. Nobody hates alternate opinions more than Donald and the red hat brigade.


Don’t you see the brilliance? If he joins a BLM rally then they can call him a domestic terrorist, and burn their Nikes since the company would support a domestic terrorist.


I went to my stash account and bought all the NIKE stock I could afford.



i had an order in but it didnt get low enough to execute.
i was trying to buy at the 50 day moving average


People who attend NFL games are forced to hear the national anthem played. There is no entertainment value in that. As you say they are there to be entertained by skilled athletes not to be forced into faux patriotism. Thats why I favor what ESPN is doing. dont show the anthem being played. No entertainment value.

so why play the national anthem?.




If they didnt play the anthem that would be the end of the “crisis”