Surprise! Colin Kaepernick is the new face of Nike


Market value is all but meaningless really its about how much product they sell.


How many Super Bowls or playoff games did Tebow lead a team to?


Liberals are just as bad if not worse.

See a kid wearing a MAGA hat, rip it from his head.

Find out a fast food chain doneates to republican’s and D’s. Call for a boycott of the fast food chain because they donated to the state republican party.

Be a business owner, see a member of the Trump administration, refuse to serve them food.

Should I go on?


And the stock is already starting to recover after just one day. This boycott will be about as effective as the last one. (Target stock has increased more than 20% since the boycott)


I am not sure in the way this will effect Nike I am assuming not much. I personally didn’t like the move by them, which had nothing to do with the anthem but rather Kaepernick is not in the league of the superstars Nike usually puts on their brands.


I saw a lot more people with Nike on at my gym than Adidas yesterday.


Shall I? R’s destroy $100 coffee makers because a pundit tells them to. R’s denigrate the Dixie Chicks for expressing an opinion.


Just pointing out that it’s NOT only conservatives that hate alternate opinions. I could point out the demonstrators disrupting a senate committee as well :smiley:


Police Officer Amy Caprio was responding to a burglary in progress call when she was intentionally struck and killed by a stolen vehicle. 29 years old, 4 year tour.


U.S Army veteran Sergeant Michael Chesna was shot and killed with his own weapon after responding to reports of an erratic driver. 42 years old, 6 year tour.


Trooper First Class Walter Greene died from illnesses he developed after inhaling toxic materials while participating in rescue efforts at the World Trade Center site following the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. 51 years old, 28 year tour.


Police Officer Justin Billa was shot and killed as he was assisting in apprehending a man who had just murdered his ex-wife. 27 years old, 2 year tour.believe4


I have two pairs of Nike shoes and the glasses I bought earlier this year are Nike frames. They already have my money so destroying them would do no good. But I’ll never buy anything Nike again. I just posted four actual heroes. Its a disgrace to them and every hero who has given their life for others to call Kaepersuck a hero. I support his right to protest but it doesn’t make him any less a piece of crap for it and Nike any less a putrid company for what they’ve now done.


You have the appropriate screen name.


I saw a bunch of Trump signs.


You posted a few pictures of brave people who died in the line of duty…

But what do they have to do with this Nike ad?


If people don’t want their Nike items anymore, why not donate them to their local church/charity or give them to a homeless person? It makes no sense to burn their own personal property, because then they are doing a disservice to themselves while they are angry with Nike. It makes no sense. If they are angry, call them up and ask to speak to the manager, or contact them through their website or something.

I know I expressed my dislike for Kapernick here previously, but I’m happy for him- I now wish he got popularity for his charities that he set up; you know, the actions that he actually took to straighten out the problem, instead of simply kneeling for the national anthem. I can’t blame that on him, though.


I could post dozens more. Point is that Nike has called Kaepersuck a hero in their ad. Kaepersuck protests are over so called police violence against minorities. I posted photos of actual heroes who died in the line of duty. Nike says Kaepersuck sacrificed everything. What exactly did he sacrifice? He had a player option contract for the 49ers that would have paid him many millions and he walked away from it. He had a contract with the Ravens that got torn up because his girlfriend went on a social media tirade against the Ravens calling the owner a racist and Ray Lewis an Uncle Tom. He sacrificed nothing. The heroes I posted gave their lives for others.


And about the so called police violence. According to the Washington Post a total of 20 unarmed black persons were killed by police in 2017 (30 unarmed white persons). Of those 20 the vast majority were clearly justified by other means. In one the bad guy was strangling the cop. In another the guy was beating the cop to death and slamming the cops head against the pavement. In many the bad guy was fighting with the cop over the cop’s own gun - point of fact many cops are killed each year with their own gun. Kaepersuck’s argument is not based on facts and reality.